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CMDR Darkdiablo10
3,774   217,281


Emerald Elder

Roleplay Gear

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HoloStream Uplink
This device is essential for those wanting the highest quality streams of Aisling Media, specifically The People's Media. It can also be used to start your career as a reporter by getting direct access to the live stream while on location of the action.
Consider owning one of these if you are trying to sell a story to Alicia Mellor.
x 60 (60%)
Sentry Drone
Light Thermal Weapon
+ Damage
This device acts as a personal support unit. While small enough to be carried by the user, it can still support a small pulse laser gun and basic sensors. It will spot hostilities before you do and comes with a replacement warranty. It will also alert allies to unidentified signatures including the use of drone countermeasures.
x 1,440 (90%)
Trained Mortis Claw
This incredibly dangerous arctic creature was trained by daring handlers to follow primitive commands from an owner. Assuming it follows your commands this monster will attack enemies violently while remaining nearly impervious to attacks thanks to its natural armor. The Mortis Claw excels on ice. It is the size of a very large dog. Pet Controlling neural augmentation software is recommended.
x 6,000 (100%)
Force Burst Wrist Guard
Classified as an armor modifier, this highly compact defense mechanism is ideal for close quarters combat as it can create a pulse burst on contact, shoving attackers to the floor. It is not a lethal weapon. It can be worn in conjunction with any clothing or accessories.
x 600 (100%)
Stealth Boots
Classified as an armor modifier, this equipment muffles sounds caused from movement over a variety of terrain thanks to the work of computer regulated gel pads. While making the user silent it gives no armor benefits.
x 500 (100%)
Trench Coat
This coat creates an improved silhouette when worn over standard flight suits providing its wearer with low defense and low style. It can be worn in conjunction with armor modifiers. It is popular among traders and bounty hunters.
x 75 (100%)
Visual Assistant System
Classified as an armor modifier, this compact device is worn on the face to assist vision at large ranges or in heavy weather such as smoke or fog. A built in computer will ensure that the user spots various desired shapes and symbols while identifying bodies through walls in most cases. It is not immune to E.G.G. attacks.
x 855 (95%)
Suppressed Pistol
Light Kinetic Weapon
+ Damage
This specialty sidearm is popular for discrete operations due to the effective sound and muzzle flash suppression system. It can fire almost silently and is easy to reload, though it does low damage.
x 720 (80%)