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Be an Imperial Reformer!

The Prismatic Imperium is focused on pushing the reform of the Empire to an anti-slavery society in many ways. Through Community Goals, Background Simulation, lore, roleplay, news, we keep pushing the agenda of the reformation of the Empire. We're organised into several branches, each with its own leaders and responsibilites, and a Senate. At the very top sits Duke Corwin Ryan in the Prismatic Palace.

The Senate

						Chancellor: Otto von Wolfsburg

The Senate is the heart of the Imperium, located in the western wing of the Prismatic Palace. Here, the most important topics in the Prismatic Imperium are discussed, all under the supervision of the Chancellor. The Senate is a general place for everyone in the Imperium to be heard, regardless of their Branch or alignment.

"Only one thing really impressed me about the Prismatic Imperium: The Senate... The ambient light shattered as tossed diamonds littered the chamber. It was a direct consequence to the debates each afternoon. Only the young fools would bring up an unpopular ideal to a room of old politicians armed with fist sized gems, and the fools were often short lived." 
-Senator Adonis Manu.					



Sapphire Commerce Center
							Lord Herald: Rupey Bear
Vice Herald: 

The social and economic control center of Cubeo and is responsible for evaluating taxes and tariffs to ensure economic prosperity. It also regulates how and where Prismatic Imperium merchant traffic can operate. Additionally it controls all media and city planning while using that power to direct the culture of Cubeo.  Mind is a roleplay support Branch for people who wish to contribute to the narrative systems around our ongoing roleplay lore. Headquarters in the Sapphire Commerce Center.



Ruby Citadel
							Lord Warden: Mystler
Vice Warden: Sumurai8

BGS work in the bubble (missions, bounty hunting, conflict zones, trading, and more) fall under Vigor. Part of the Branch of Vigor, known as the Adamantine Union Task Force, is spreading freedom from slavery in the name of the Prismatic Imperium outside the space belonging to Princess Aisling Duval. It has shut down many slave markets, including the infamous one in Uibuth, via our Adamantine Union protectorate states. Vigor is responsible for maintaining all our minor factions in the bubble and also helps with external Aisling Duval BGS operations. Its headquarters are in the Ruby Citadel in southern Capital City on Cubeo 3.



Emerald Observatory
							Lord Headmaster: Techeron
Vice Headmaster: Tulan Zuiva

This is the scientific part of the Prismatic Imperium. Sight is responsible for general science and research, as well as exploration, astronomy and the education of young Cubeans in its headquarters, the Emerald Observatory, one of the biggest universities in the Empire. It regularly organizes expeditions to places across the galaxy, while also trying to solve all the mysteries that encompass it. Since the return of the Thargoids and the discovery of remains from the Guardian civilization, Sight has also founded several Xeno Divisions for research on alien species and the protection of humanity with both peaceful and military methods.



Prisma Renata
						Lord Governor: Gene Hikaze
Lieutenant Governor: Jessica Ramirez

Several years ago, the Prismatic Imperium founded a colony out in the Colonia region, over twenty thousand light-years away from the bubble. Our "Colonists of Aurora" faction is present there in the Aurora Astrum system and managed by the Branch of Reach - brave commanders that are not shy to fly all the way out and help with our BGS out there. The Branch of Reach has headquarters in Amber Tower on Cubeo 3 as well as in Prisma Renata in Aurora Astrum itself. The Colonists of Aurora are working to offer our people and freed slaves new alternatives and new lives in a home far away from the bubble.					

Reputation system

What is Reputation?

It is a reward system to motivate participation in our group activities!

How do I increase my Reputation?

You can increase your reputation by doing our branches' activites. Together with reputation, you will also get diamond rewards.

What are Diamonds?

Diamonds are the main currency in the Prismatic Imperium. You can use them to buy items in the diamond market, the place where you can get better gear for your roleplay character as well as accumulate your wealth.

How does the Reputation System work?

More reputation gives you access to more items on the diamond market.

Aside from that, we have reputation ranks. These work similar to the in-game rank system. You unlock a rank once you have gathered enough reputation. At specific ranks, you will also be awarded a medal. (We might as well add some more rewards in the future).

Reputation Rank Reward
500 Amethyst Vassal
1,500 Amethyst Heir
2,500 Emerald Knight Emerald Medal
3,500 Emerald Elder
5,000 Amber Baron Amber Medal
7,500 Amber Viscount
10,000 Sapphire Count Sapphire Medal
15,000 Sapphire Marquis
20,000 Sapphire Duke
25,000 Ruby Granduke Ruby Medal
50,000 Prismatic King Prismatic Medal

How can I participate?

You can earn diamonds and reputation by completing the tasks usually posted on our Discord channels for the branch mission boards. While these features are extended to allies that are not members, you need to be a full member of Prismatic Imperium in order to appear on our group's main leaderboards though.

Where do I report my Activities?

Report all your activities in our Discord channel #missions_report, unless differently specified. Allies can use #citizens_report.

Diamond Market

Diamon Market

The Diamond Market is one of our best features! Here you can spend your hard earned diamonds that you have gathered by doing our activities.

Spending is not the only option. You can also invest in items by buying low and selling high. Prices on the market are subject to change according to economic trends. With enough patience, you will have enough Diamonds to buy the most expensive items that otherwise would require months of effort!

Beside shiny gear for your character, in the market you will also be able to rent special places in our roleplay environment. Renting a place will require you to pay every two weeks if you wish to keep it under your administration. Otherwise it will go back to the market.

Investments in districts and commissions are further ways to use your diamonds in an attempt to make more profit or take advantage of additional market opportunities. For example, to get special items. Commissions often integrate with our lore.

Become a full member


When you first join our Discord group and introduce yourself you will be granted the role of Citizen. Citizens have access to all public channels and a few more channels that normal users won’t be able to see. Many channels will still be locked. To get access to every channel as well as joining our squadron in-game and on INARA, you’ll need to become a full member.

Once you are confident enough that our group is what you are looking for and have spent at least one day as a citizen, you will need to ping Chancellor Otto von Wolfsburg and tell him that you want to become a full member. He is in charge of accepting new members and judging if they are worthy.

It is at this time that your Probation will begin. Don't worry, it's nothing serious! We will only check if you are active enough, have a decent command of English, participate in our activities, and just hang out on our Discord server. Unless you join our group and disappear forever, there are high chances that you will get accepted.

Probation period will last for about two weeks. Meanwhile, you will already be able to see our locked channels and get a taste of what we are up to everyday. Once the Probation is over and you are accepted, you will need to choose if you want to become a Senator or a Commissioned Commander. Keep in mind that the difference is only for roleplay reasons. Both Senators and Commissioned Commanders have the same rights within our group.



Senators are full members of the Prismatic Imperium that are more involved in our group's politics rather than combat zones, trading commodities and things like these.

Some senators have private pilots to ship them around from system to system.

Commissioned Commanders

Commissioned Commanders are full members of the Prismatic Imperium who prefer the pilot's life to the office chair.

They will have less restrictions when it comes to shady business or get their hands dirty.

Branch Member


In addition to Senator or Commissioned Commander, a member can choose to pledge to a Branch, but this is not mandatory.

All full members of Prismatic Imperium have the same access to every Branch, without restrictions. Pledging to a Branch would underline that a Commander is more focused on the activities of that specifc Branch. Also, pledging to a Branch doesn’t mean that you will be excluded from other Branches activities.