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Cybercrime Contract Test

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A team of hackers successfully demanded a ransom from a Bank of Bhilinool client. Herein lies the report as compiled by the team.

Remote Access Address:
⌨ ⌦ ℠

Amir Torres
While the client was in their office, we informed them that a pet had been abducted and would be murdered if a ransom was not met.

Ransom Received:
[Detailed Cybercrime Report]

ThumbnailAxton Janel Rodney


Nine out of ten experts agree that this is concerning! Deep Faction Agents hide the truth. Are you prepared to expose their lies with Axton Janel Rodney?

Axton J. Rodney voices his concern about government use of scare tactics regarding a hoax involving alien vessels discovered in the Pleiades Sector to encourage young citizens in Cubeo to join the scientific community in the Branch of SIGHT. “It is no coincidence that the Branch of SIGHT is doing studies on alien interactions when clearly they manage all education in Cubeo. It’s indoctrination!” Join us tonight for an exclusive dive into what the Lord Headmaster doesn’t want you to hear.

Join us tonight for a double feature where Axton Janel Rodney covers several haunting topics and more. but Vector cuts through the lies.

ThumbnailAlicia Mellor

::THE PEOPLE'S MEDIA:: - The Daily Chat

Fashion | Art | Politics | Entertainment | Keep up to date with the latest Imperial gossip with Alicia Mellor on The Daily Chat. Today we present Janis Garfield and costar Abigail Young to discuss their upcoming film, Kiss of a Ghost, a tale where a man meets a ghost during the month of September. Decker Wi discovers the true meaning of lackluster suspense in this unique production. We invite you to the interview that will have you on the floor with anticipation so don't miss it here on The Daily Chat!

ThumbnailThe Brothers of Forculus

::THE PEOPLE'S MEDIA:: - Forculus Chronometry

Choose it for love. Buy it with confidence. The symbol of your enduring love and commitment shouldn’t be a source of stress. When you consult with a credentialed Forculus Chronometry jeweler, you have an advocate you can trust. Because an informed decision is also a thing of beauty. Visit one of our amazing retail members today or find one in your nearest Diamond Plaza Hub. Forculus Chronometry, an elegant choice in stylish jewelry.

ThumbnailHerald Kevin Massey

::THE PEOPLE'S MEDIA:: - Good Morning Cubeo

They may call me fake or that The People’s Media is the founder of Cubeo propaganda. They may even say that my primary purpose in life is to control the mind through fashion, entertainment, and news. I could spend our morning here confirming or denying these claims but instead I want to talk about how life brings tears, smiles, and memories: the tears dry, the smile fades, but the memories live on forever. Focus instead on this and I promise you will make it through this difficult season of accusations.

ThumbnailAxton Janel Rodney


Astounding Development: Pilots find wormholes to the snack dimension! Infinite pizza delivered instantly! Tonight Axton Janel Rodney takes you through the jaw dropping reality of our temporary existence.

We are being attacked by the Diamond Frogs! I’m not talking about the Diamond Frog mercenaries or their Adamant Toads subcontractors. I’m talking about literal frogs being crystalized in solid diamond and being sold on the market. Who is behind these fabricated diamonds full of frogs? Headmasters of the Branch of Sight working for the Lord Headmaster! These frogs are taking over everything, even being sold as jewelry! I’m taking a liking to the name life gems because if you look into them you will discover that the trapped frogs are actually CMDR’s souls. CMDR Mystler is head of the operation that croaks loyal pilots into ribbiting amphibians.

Join us tonight for an exclusive dive into what the Lord Warden doesn’t want you to hear. You can count on Vector to present the angle.

ThumbnailAntony Jakob Birge

::BIRGEBROADCAST:: - Get The Truth

Happy Birthday to me! Today marks the day I was born in the bridge of a Cobra MKIII back when it was cool. I am now 36 years old. To celebrate, I booked a visit to Trapeze Island because everyone knows how much I love that place but trust me, I wouldn't skip out on the BirgeBroadcast. In fact, I am going to spend double the time on the air today just to make a point. Can The People's Mafia silence me? No! I'm gonna run my mouth and eat my cake too! Tune in today, hear some truths about the worlds we live in, and get ready for some silly tunes that Rupey Bear recommended to me. It's going to be a wild day!

ThumbnailMarina Yao

::THE PEOPLE'S MEDIA:: - The Nightly Transit

Have I told you the story about getting my Branch of Mind Pulvia Pulse 3307? It really is an interesting one. The Lord Herald took me down to his custom garage and brought out three vehicles to choose from. A 3306 Pulse, a 3307 Pulse, and a Paesan Dandelion 3300. That’s right. The Lord Herald offered me a choice between two Pulses and a Dandelion. I, of course, chose the Pulvia Pulse 3307 which I clearly identified by its characteristic hidden wheels. But part of me still wonders what would have happened if I chose the Dandelion. Maybe there is something special about the Lord Herald’s Dandelion? I suppose we may never know.

ThumbnailAlicia Mellor

::THE PEOPLE'S MEDIA:: - The Daily Chat

Governor Robby Allison has made a statement to the protesters on Medupe. “There is no need for violence against the CMDRs on Medupe. They have every right to be there. The assaults against the facility and its defenders is a serious crime against the Prismatic Imperium and the Administration of the Overseer. I also will condemn the threats made against Emmi Delray who’s exposure has greatly troubled the Delray family.” The People’s Media agrees that the violence is uncalled for. Join us tonight for an exclusive interview with key supporters of the Technological Facility.

ThumbnailAxton Janel Rodney


First human born beside themselves! Doctors are baffled. But also this: Deep Faction Agents hide the truth. Are you prepared to expose their lies with Axton Janel Rodney?

Cubeo III's wildlife has organized a symphony orchestra, showcasing an incredible talent for harmonious melodies. Witnesses report that the local Baltac Tiger Choir has perfected renditions of classic human tunes, interspersed with hauntingly beautiful compositions of their own. The Prismatic Imperium, initially puzzled by this unexpected cultural development, is now hosting a Galaxy-Wide Cubeo Creature Concert, inviting commanders to witness this unprecedented collaboration between humans and the enigmatic creatures of Cubeo III. Could this be the start of a new era where the galaxy's diverse inhabitants find common ground through the universal language of music? Grab your tickets and prepare for a cosmic symphony like never before!

The void is a very dark place and you should be scared. The night is terrifying

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