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    This week’s spotlight shines on Sapphire Magnifico, “Helping the brightest stars shine”.

    I am pleased to announce a new inter-office mobility system has been developed and begins construction within the grounds of the Sapphire Commerce Center. Staff members will enjoy expedient trips along the major throughways of our campus as this miniature transit system will allow for maximum comfort and quick arrival times. They will be able to reach one end of the building to another with ease! There will be a handful of lines built to stop at every major section of Sapphire Commerce Center.

    The Opera House in the Opera District has closed for the month as interior design begins their annual refresh-and-update process. In such time, patrons of the arts are encouraged to view ballets, plays, and other such performances at the Duval Dance Hall. To gain entry one simply needs to show their Opera House or Duval Dance Hall memberships credentials. I hope to see you there!

    Ciphoit Medical has begun constructing a new building designed specifically for victims of the thargoid conflict. With many medical facilities nearing capacity, it has become increasingly important to allow for more space for not only them, but day to day operations and general visits. In additional Ciphoit news it seems the recent influx of supplies has put medical facilities at a temporary surplus. This is excellent news for hospitals who had been previously experiencing a drought of supplies.

    Flooding has occurred in the district of Horia due to damaged water pipes running beneath the pedestrian pathways. The cause of such damage is yet to be determined but speculators suggest Federation sabotage. A brazen act, if true. The district board has urged caution to pedestrians and vehicle travellers alike while moving throughout the district as construction crews will be moved into action to repair the damages.

    The Branch of Vigor’s Heavy Response Squad has seen further development as more money is invested into the Ruby Rapid Response system. This enhanced security has seen positive reactions from Prismatic Imperium citizens and has produced positive results during its ongoing deployment. In other exciting Vigor news, Ruby Citadel is running another outreach program for citizens throughout next week! Some might call it a job fair, but I call it a fun little festival!

    Capital City Waste Management would like to inform everyone residing in the district of Draron Qebridge that new waste receptacles will be distributed to follow the visual guidelines set forth by the Branch of Mind regarding lane throughways and neighborhoods. New routes will also begin next week promptly. In additional Draron Qebridge news, miniature celebrations have been taking place throughout the various neighborhoods for the Chinese New Year, if this is something you celebrate I highly encourage you to visit for yourself and take part in the jubilee!

    The Abyssos Core has created quite the stir once more following a deep dig down an old shaft. The Branch of Sight suspects that signs of microbial life have been found in the depths of Cubeo III. Further research will need to take place, and needless to say, the team involved in the never-ending restoration of the Abyssos Core Settlement have ramped up security with this incredible scientific find.

    Lights, Camera, Action! And no, not the cafe at Ruby Citadel, but an array of new holo-vid shows are in the process of production and two of them star Herald Kevin Massey alongside his daughter Estellise! The names of the shows are yet to be determined, but rest assured that they will certainly be eye-catching! Next up in the world of media, I will be hosting a ‘fireside chat’ for residents of the Prismatic Imperium as well as a miniature town hall to lay out our plans for the future and upcoming year. Stay tuned!

    The Emerald Observatory has been the recipient of a prestigious award in the Empire’s education sector. The Hengist Duval Astronomic Excellence award, given to a single university every five years for outperforming others on astronomical discoveries made. It was a heated competition for the award, with tears and smiles of joy. However, I am pleased that the Prismatic Imperium’s premier university received it.

    Stay tuned for more here on Prismatic Media News!