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Prismatic Imperium's objectives are achieved through the actions of its branches. Each branch has many different missions to offer to Prismatic Imperium's members. These tasks can be of different types: Roleplay, Powerplay, Background Simulation (BGS), CGs, Exploration, and more. Participation in these activities is rewarded with reputation and diamonds.



Roleplay is something we are very proud of in our group. Roleplay sessions are the most colorful and creative among all our activities. They will always have an impact on our ongoing campaigns and will decide the next step in our ever expanding lore.

Alongside player-driven narrative, you will also find opportunities offered by our cast of NPCs. They will interact with you, which can include offering special missions, involving you in ongoing character or story development, and more.

You will be making decisions and change our story!

Roleplay activities allow you to influence story, the diamond market, and your relationship with other characters. Our Roleplay usually happens in the form of collaborative narrative on our Discord server. The lore is told in seasons with an overarching and interconnected story. Alongside of that, you have the opportunity to engage with others and develop your own story. Our RP Moderators will be happy to provide guidance and advice.

Background Simulation (BGS)

Background Simulation

Prismatic Imperium has three factions to take care of. BGS activities are the most common ones.

Prismatic Imperium

Prismatic Imperium (PI) faction is resident in Cubeo. Being Aisling Duval's capital system, PI makes sure Cubeo is always in stable conditions for all the Aisling CMDRs that call it their home. Prismatic Imperium is also present in some systems around Cubeo and administrates their economies and wealth.

Adamantine Union

Adamantine Union (AU) faction is resident in Uibuth. Adamantine Union is a Branch of Vigor task force born with the aim of shutting down slavery markets outside Aisling Duval's systems.

Colonists of Aurora

Colonists of Aurora (CoA) faction is resident in our colony, in the Colonia cluster, Aurora Astrum (AA). The Branch of Reach is working to offer our people and freed slaves new alternatives - in a new home far away from the bubble.



Prismatic Imperium is resident in Cubeo, Princess Aisling Duval capital system. We share her ideals and ethos and through our actions we make sure to bring her message in all the systems around. We operate according to the whole Aisling Duval Community's objectives.

Princess Aisling Duval

Princess Aisling Duval is a princess of the Empire, and eldest child of Prince Harold Duval. During the power struggle for the Imperial Throne, she claimed that she was the natural successor to the late Emperor Hengist Duval due to her direct blood descent, but after the Senate decision she supported Arissa Lavigny-Duval's claim.

Despite her youth, the 'People's Princess' enjoys considerable support from the people and also from elements who would benefit from shaking up Imperial society. Unlike other key persons in the Empire, she is against Imperial Slavery, and supports a non-government organization by the name of Stop Slavery Stupid. She also has a strong dislike of narcotics, and believes that they should be made illegal in the Empire, at least partially because her mother died from narcotics use.

Exploration and Tinfoiling


Having a dedicated Branch for exploration and uncovering the mysteries of our galaxy, activities around these fields won't be missing.

Branch of Sight will offer you a variety of tasks ranging from finding Earth-like Worlds to visiting the latest found INRA settlements or finding Generation ships and much more.

In addition to its activities in science and research, the Branch of Sight also spearheads our Xeno research efforts on alien species and the protection of humanity with both peaceful and military methods.

Humanitarian Missions

Humanitarian Missions

Being a roleplay focused community, Prismatic Imperium has also hosted humanitarian events in the form of Community Goals (CGs) or just events within our group.

We hosted two Community Goals (CG) in Uibuth aimed to establish a colony of freed slaves.

The first CG was about liberating slaves from oppressive governments and bring them at D'arrest Station in Uibuth, where they could start a new life as free men. This CG was directly curated by Aisling Duval herself.

A second CG was about bringing essential commodities to the colony, medicines and all the equipments for health care.

Joint operations alongside other Imperial player groups, salvaging escape pods from the ships attacked by Thargoids, and rescueing people from the starports in flames count towards more recent humanitarian efforts.