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Prismatic Imperium's objectives are achieved through the actions of the Branches. Each Branch has many different missions to offer to Prismatic Imperium's Senators. These tasks can be of different types: Powerplay, Background Simulation (BGS), CGs, exploration, etc.

  1. Background Simulation (BGS)

    Prismatic Imperium has three factions to take care of. BGS activities are the most common ones.

    • Prismatic Imperium
    • Colonists of Aurora
    • Adamantine Union
  2. Powerplay

    Prismatic Imperium is resident in Cubeo, Princess Aisling Duval capital system. We share her ideals and ethos and through our actions we make sure to bring her message in all the systems around.

    We operate according to the whole Aisling Duval Community's objectives.

  3. Others

    Prismatic Imperium also hosts CGs and participate in the active ones regulary, especially in those related to Elite Dangerous' Lore and mysteries.