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    This week’s spotlight shines on Cappadocean Treasure Island, “Set Sail For Adventure”.

    The Palace Green is receiving an impromptu makeover! Was it needed? Not in the slightest! Did anybody ask for it? Probably not! Is it welcomed? Absolutely! As the details reveal themselves I will be sure to update you all on the latest of this very important development!

    The People’s Media has announced yet another grand holo-vid series you are sure to enjoy! ‘More Than Meets The Sky’ will be premiering next week on a surprise schedule potentially after ‘Between Two vectors’ or ‘The Daily Chat’. Stay tuned! What’s next you might ask? Well I’ll tell you! A new line of TPM merchandise has just been decided upon and revealed! Clothing showcasing your favourite shows as well as other knick-knacks that are sure to catch your eye. Purchase now while supplies last!

    The Branch of Mind is hiring for a new social media team and is in need of top notch social media managers. With an ever evolving brand image it is prudent that we stay current and on top of the changes of time. Perks for being a Mind family member include your very own car, VIP access to several exclusive lounges, retirement benefits, and more! I will warn you though, the hiring process is rigorous and not for the faint of heart.

    Life’s Rift is in legal trouble for fraudulent business licenses. This time Mind Heralds have uncovered a money laundering scheme in the way of dubious experiments and selling of corporate bonds. Two of the purported culprits are in custody as we speak as they undergo questioning.

    Raven Square is having its parks completely re-created! Once again the people within the city’s Parks and Recreation are renewing their park beautification plans. The first phase will include pedestrian path plans alongside visual aids.

    The undercity in the district of Bona is receiving some much needed love and attention with the addition of new hyperloop lines. These will be layered in the subsurface aqueducts that run throughout the district and will service many of the hard to reach areas for residents to enjoy ease of access to transportation.

    We at Trapeze Island Resort will be hosting an upcoming midseason flower festival. This marks the beginning for the spring season here on this hemisphere of Cubeo III! Following the flower festival will be the midsommar festival, but let us not get ahead of ourselves. Flowers first! The islands will be closed off in sections as we move through each stage of set-up, and I personally apologise for any inconvenience but I assure you it is worth it!

    The district of Ruophaco has been subjected to a string of recent murders, and an investigation has been heavily underway. Details have been kept relatively tight, but we do know the suspects, and I do say that in the plural, have been implicated in a recent arson attack in Zespea. Shifting to a lighter subject, Ruophaco has seen a resurgence in warehouse traffic as improvements to the cargo throughways have completed and Cubeo’s GDP increases.

    Ruby Citadel will be constructing and improving upon the existing parking infrastructure, digging deeper into the potential dilemma of space. That’s right, the Branch of Vigor’s headquarters will have a deeper underground parking garage! The Lord and Vice Wardens had this to say about their project: ‘In an ever growing metropolis like Capital City, it is important for our Knights and Wardens to have access to the right vehicle for the job. This latest expansion will ensure that our fleet of vehicles can be stored and serviced properly. This includes parking and underground storage facilities as they are required to move with the times and be efficient for the most modern of standards as well as supportive of our Rapid Response programs.’

    Stay tuned for more on Prismatic Media News!