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Professor Bright Phoenix
14,937   180,820

The Six Handed Merchant#2117

Sapphire Count

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⧉ Evans Computation: Intelligence
+5 to Intelligence
Intended to give you the intellectual confidence to perform in a career, Evans Computation has created a wet drive program that will assist the user with intelligence. This will aid you in scenarios that require quick thinking while under pressure. It is only compatible with other Evans Computation programs.

[Requires a wet drive slot be installed on the user]
x 5,000 (100%)
⧉ Evans Computation: Luck
+5 to Luck
Intended to adjust the way you value statistical chances and risk, Evans Computation has created a wet drive program that will improve your luck. This will aid you in gambling and combat as you will think with a tactically sharpened mind. It is only compatible with other Evans Computation programs.

[Requires a wet drive slot be installed on the user]
x 5,000 (100%)
⊡ Supratech Nini 670 Wetdrive
This small implant is a neural augmentation computer that assists the brain. It can be discreet or obvious based on the interests of the user. Depending on the program disks installed it can perform a wide range of functions. This model has two general slots which can be filled with any N.A.P.

Program Slots: 2
Dedicated Utility Slots: 0
💀 [Do not mix manufactures in program slots or brain injury may occur.]
x 14,000 (100%)
Forculus Chronometry Wrist Clock
Fabricated by the Forculus Brothers on Irrational Exuberance in the Forculus System, this highly luxurious time piece is designed specifically for classy individuals from the Federation of Independent Pilots. They are intentionally rare to protect their value while knockoff versions are more common. Some designs are susceptible to gravitational fluctuation but this model only simulates traditional function with clockwork. The display itself is holographic. Supporters of the product may get a significant boon to relations with its maker.
x 2,000 (100%)
Sight Professor Uniform
[+10 to Charisma Defense]
Utility Slots: 4
Decorated uniform worn by valued personnel in the Prismatic Imperium Branch of Sight. As an entity of the government, Sight professors are required to maintain their uniforms and abide by the Lord Headmaster's dress code. The uniform offers low defense and high style. The wearer is highly respected as an educator, philosopher, and contributor to Cubeo Society, having influential power in the political arena.
x 5,000 (100%)
Rodent Population Regulator
The Rodent Population Regulator emits high frequency sounds which will reduce the population of rapid reproducing critters including rats and exotic Trumbles. Once the number of effected creatures has reached a predetermined threshold the emitter will focus on discouraging reproduction. While still in experimental stages, the Rodent Population Regulator has shown favorable results among Trumble owners, their pets well known to explode in numbers over night.
x 400 (80%)
Zero-G Thrusters Advanced
[Agility Booster for Space]

For careers or hobbies in low-gravity environments, this device is essential. It's ineffective in gravity greater than 1g but excels in space. It offers an advantage against hostile forces with powerful thrusters for precise adjustments, unlike cheaper models. The main limitation is its bulky weight on planets due to carrying a significant amount of fuel.
x 1,500 (100%)
Camera Drone
No Weapons | Manual Control
500m Range | 8hr Battery

This device is a compact media capture unit with a high-powered recorder, ideal for private journalists. It provides excellent aerial coverage for events and can operate for 8 hours within a 500-meter range of the user.

[⁜ Drone Operation Controller or relevant
Neurological Augmentation required]
x 1,000 (100%)
Wise-Sphere Companion
No Weapons | Automatic Control
No Damage | 500m Range | 8hr Battery
Universal Cartographics acquired the baseball sized Wise-Sphere design after the original corporation went under. Since then there have been numerous improvements to the Wise-Sphere companion, a floating orb designed as a simple companion to children, colonists, and explorers. The Wise-Sphere can be limited to making simple chirps and beeps but some can include a full vocabulary to go along with their simple personalities. They are not sentient but are intelligent enough to be a convincing friend.
x 500 (100%)
Tactical Shotgun
Medium Kinetic Weapon
Attack: 1d20+12 [Focus], 5d5+12 [Spread]
Weight: 14.4 lb
Ability: Integrated torchlight can illuminate dark areas. Slugs can ricochet. Critical (20) guarantees a high damage output against a target, decimating shields and armor.

This shotgun has been customized to be a versatile mercenary weapon. It can be quickly adjusted for weapon spread and programmed slugs to react to various surfaces. A flashlight, thermal scope, and high-capacity magazine increase usability.
x 4,000 (100%)
Force Burst Wrist Guard
[Force Burst Ability]

Classified as an armor modifier, this highly compact defense mechanism is ideal for close-quarters combat as it can create a pulse burst on contact, shoving attackers to the floor or at least a good distance from you, buying that time you need to escape or draw your weapon. It is non-lethal but would be considered a crime if used against an Imperial Citizen outside of combat. It can be worn in conjunction with any clothing or accessories.
x 2,600 (100%)
BD90 Warhammer
Heavy Kinetic Weapon
Attack: 2d20+30 [Focus], 4d20 [Spread]
Weight: 32 lb
Ability: Attacks can ricochet and cripple armor and limbs. Critical (20) can tear multiple armored targets into spaghetti.

This overpowered shotgun would harm the user if it were not for the assistance of recoil-reducting micro-burst thrusters. It fires a volley of scary-sized beads turning every engagement aftermath into a pressure wash clean-up.
x 32,000 (100%)
Melee Kinetic Weapon
[+5 Dexterity Defense]
Attack: 1d10+8 [Precision]
Weight: 1.6 lb
Ability: If an enemy engages in melee while the user is using ranged weapons, switching to and attacking with the knife is a free action. Critical (10) can ignore armor.

Every pilot should consider keeping a knife on hand as a last resort. This weapon can cut through flight suits and some armor with ease. The Diamond Market provides one as a gift to all CMDRs with an account.
x 50 (100%)
Visual Assistant System
[+5 Wisdom Defense] [Visual Enhancement]

This system is a face-worn device that enhances vision over long distances or in adverse weather like smoke or fog. It helps users spot shapes and symbols and can identify bodies through walls in most cases. However, it's not immune to E.G.G. attacks.

💀 [Unsuitable for hazardous environments]
x 1,200 (100%)
Magnetic Boots
[+5 Dexterity Defense] [+5 Strength Defense]
Classified as an armor modifier, this equipment uses complex computers to assist in balance while gripping to surfaces in limited gravity environments or zero-g far better than other space-approved footwear. When combined with thrusters these boots can improve agility in combat.
x 2,000 (100%)
Techeroni Plushie
This small doll is a collector's edition of a series highlighting the heroes of famous events connected to the Prismatic Imperium. It features the ability to speak pre-recorded lines with a squeeze. This is Techeron who was credited with the destruction of Spencer Isaak after a long journey of playing the Song of the Void against him. He is largely responsible for the phrase "By Achenar" being associated with various university games.
x 55 (110%)
Light Armor Shield
Light Kinetic Defense
Defense: 100

These plates provide quick-deploy armor, springing open upon impact with the ground. They aren't vulnerable to EMP attacks. They offer almost indefinite defense against thermal and kinetic attacks from small to medium fire, with large kinetic attacks minimized.
x 100 (100%)
Wisewoof Plushie
This small doll is a collector's edition of a series highlighting the heroes of famous events connected to the Prismatic Imperium. It features the ability to speak pre-recorded lines with a squeeze. This is Otto von Wolfsburg who currently leads the Prismatic Senate as the Chancellor and was involved with the arrest of Jesse Ladd. His wife was trapped in a biowaste container during a dangerous hostage exchange.
x 81 (162%)
Chaff Launcher
Open [NOTES] for instructions on use.

Installed in a utility slot, this small device will launch a shower of light weight tracking disruptors making the user nearly invulnerable to enemy drones, visual assistant systems, and sensors by wildly expanding the user's heat signature. It has enough ammo to last through most engagements. It creates very little heat.
x 100 (100%)
Shield Cell Bank
Open [NOTES] for instructions on use.

Installed in a utility slot, this small device will quickly recharge personal shield devices and some weapon types. The device will last through a mission without maintenance if used properly. It takes some time to cool down after use or the user risks causing a meltdown.
x 800 (80%)
CryoMed Health Kit
This kit contains cutting edge medical technology for stabilizing critical injuries in the field. When used the injured person will be able to resume a mission so long as no further critical injuries are sustained. Each additional critically injury risks unconsciousness and the possibility of death if not aided by a squadmate.

[This item is used to heal critical injuries. Disposable items are consumed after a single use.]
x 500 (100%)
Remlok Pack
This kit can be a real lifesaver as it is the most advanced technology for prolonging life in an event of decompression. It has preserved lives of pilots blown out into space without a pressurized suit, though it is not recommended for such extremes.

[This item is used during decompression. Disposable items are consumed after a single use.]
x 1,000 (100%)
Heat Sink Launcher
Open [NOTES] for instructions on use.

Installed in a utility slot, this small device will pull heat from all personal items and other utility modules before discharging it in a small disk. It has enough ammo to last through most engagements. The user can avoid detection from sensors and use devices with heavy heat creation. Disks can become hot projectiles if abused.
x 300 (100%)
Flash Bang Grenade
Disorienting Weapon
+ Damage
This single use device can disorient unsuspecting opponents by disrupting their vision and hearing for some time by creating a bright flash of light and concussive blast. Drones are not impacted.

[Disposable items are consumed after a single use.]
x 100 (100%)
Shock Grenade
Heavy Force Weapon
Damage: 10

This single use device can throw opponents to the ground with a massive shockwave of force. It is used to knock targets prone or force them out of cover. It is also effective against small aerial drones as the force will crash them.

[Disposable items are consumed after a single use.]
x 150 (100%)
Vodel Wrasses SRV B-78
Class: Off-Road [Branch of Vigor]
Engine: Powerplant
Fuel: Hydrogen
Speed: 40 m/s
Self Driving: No
Seats: 1
Vodel, subsidiary of Core Dynamics created this scouting vehicle in 3285. Now obsolete by the more versatile Scarab from the same manufacturer, the Wrasses remains a well armored and capable assault car built for off-road purposes. It is equipped with 2 pulse lasers and HS Missiles.
x 8,000 (100%)
Sight Discovery Scanner
Activation Command:
Open [NOTES] for instructions on use.

Installed in a utility slot, this small device scans bio-material and organisms to identify them using a scientific codex. If scanning an organism, it will attempt to create a profile with an estimate species, age, and diet. If the organism is rare or undiscovered, the user will be rewarded 100 reputation points and a data item. It is awarded to accomplished Sight agents.
x 1,500 (100%)



Simulation Clone Drive
Herculean Machines created this small structure for Utopian consumption. It stores several Petabytes worth of data which includes a life-like Holo-Me with 1:1 muscle and sensory simulation as well as all gear currently equipped with the exception of anything worn on the back.

[This drive requires the Holo-Haptic Avatar Gear equipped before it will virtually clone your gear for simulation use. It must be equipped in the simulation as well.]
x 300 (100%)
This exotic pet is cute and fluffy, resembling a soft pillow. The Trumble is a low maintenance creature that feeds from microbes while emitting cute chirps from time to time. Popular with children, these gentle fuzzballs are often genetically modified to be vibrant colors and can even be spotted or striped. They can reproduce asexually under the right conditions which is useful if you are looking for a specific pattern or color for a gift pet.
x -10 (100%)
Environmental Layout Scanner
Open [NOTES] for instructions on use.

Installed in a utility slot, this small device will map out landscapes and structures and store the information in a memory device. It can allow the user to see building layouts during combat missions and occasionally give an explorer valuable insight to the environment. It will not detect people or animals.
x 500 (100%)
Holo-Haptic Avatar Gear
[Sensory Control in Simulations]

This advanced device pairs with smart clothing for immersive holo-simulations. Created by Conway Holo Productions, it offers quality haptic feedback, motion capture, temperature regulation, and biometry systems. Usually too advanced for civilians, users may forget they're in a virtual world as the avatar gear seamlessly connects senses to the simulation.

💀 [Must have equipped for simulations]
x 500 (100%)
Neutron Busters Jacket
[+10 Wisdom Defense] [+5 Luck]
Utility Slots: 4
Ability: This jacket can provide +5 resistance to wisdom attacks.

This incredibly stylish jacket is exclusive to select fans of Arbiter and Oracle, the artists behind Neutron Busters. It isn't even available for purchase on the Diamond Market. While it has limited defensive capability, the jacket will impress at casual social events. Some may mistake you as a graffiti artist, a punk, or a revolutionary. One thing is sure, you have great taste in music and you know how to show it.
x 7,000 (100%)
Nisara Multitech Jacket
[Mediumweight Armor]
Utility Slots: 4
Ability: This jacket can provide resistance to thermal, kinetic, and explosive attacks.

This high-grade jacket from Nisara Multitech is an exemplary Imperial design serving as a defense unit for tactical operations. It features a total of 4 utility slots that integrate with layers of cutting-edge personnel armor. It is one of the more popular armor options because of its versatility.

x 15,000 (100%)
Marcus DiPalo Autohack LVL 04
This tool has a complex script and mechanical parts. When placed on a device, it embeds itself and launches a hacking script to infiltrate the system quietly.

Marcus DiPalo's customized AutoHack LvL 04 will hack any security Level 04 system, particularly Defense Grids and Quantum Networks. It is a cheap alternative to the RaidSys variant.

[Disposable items are consumed after a single use.]
x 1,200 (120%)


CMDR Bright Phoenix is fanatically loyal to Aisling Duval after his parents (illegally) escaped from imperial slavery with the help of a splinter group of agents from the Prismatic Imperium.

Using the credits he was saving to reduce his parent's time in servitude, the commander instead joined the Pilot’s Federation and took a sidewinder to Cubeo to aid the cause of the Prismatic Imperium. He even dyed his hair blue in honor of the Princess. The Commissioned Commander currently flies out of Chelomey Orbital in Cubeo for the Branch of Sight, doing whatever he can to help the Princess's cause against imperial slavery. The Commander uses the alias “Bright Phoenix” instead of his real name to prevent bounty hunters from tracking him back to his illegally-liberated parents.

Bright Phoenix currently flies out of Chelomey Orbital in Cubeo for the Branch of Sight, advancing the Princess's agenda in regions far outside the bubble. Through hard work and a lot of luck, the Commander slowly rose through the ranks of the Branch of Sight, eventually earning the title of Professor despite his complete lack of academic credentials. Professor Phoenix spends most his time organizing and running research expeditions, preferring to spend as much time as possible in the cockpit while leaving the bulk of his teaching and publishing responsibilities to his assistants.

The commander is a resourceful and principled pilot, if not necessarily the sharpest academic or university bureaucrat. His recklessness, obliviousness to political matters, and trust of strangers has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion. Yet the commander has a knack for escaping seemingly perilous situations in one piece. On more than one occasion, the Professor was pronounced dead after destruction of his ship, only to be found “rising from the ashes” in a half-burnt escape pod days later. Those stories of survival, combined with his penchant for gaudy paint jobs, has earned him the callsign, “Bright Phoenix”, a name that has stuck with him to the present day.

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