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Viceroy Wisewolf of Avalon
Diamond 2,192 2,680

Prismatic Rank

Amethyst Heir


Main Ship Name Role Loadout
Imperial Cutter Lady of the Lake Superheavy Multipurpose
Ship Name Role Loadout
Imperial Clipper Seeker of Avalon Light Combat/VIP Transport








CMDR: Wisewolf of Avalon


Name: Otto von Wolfsburg
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Height:   6’2” (1.88m)
Ledger of a Reluctant Merchant:          (Pre-Prismatic Imperium)

     Hailing from the earth-like Kippers Retreat in Avalon, Otto von Wolfsburg was born in... Yep, Wolfsburg. His family was fairly well off and his father owned a shop where Otto learned the basics of trade. His parents still live on Kippers Retreat. Fast forward a few years, Otto wanted to be a merchant like his father but with a crucial difference. Ambition. Otto wasn't going to stop at being a shop owner on a planet. He wanted more. True wealth and status. He knew real money wasn't made on planets. He turned his eyes skyward. With a recommendation from his father he got a small job at the logistics division of the regional Headquarters of Avalon Organization (AO) based on the Coriolis station "Noctilux" in orbit over Kippers Retreat. He wanted to get a sense of the market and was fortunate to live next to the system's primary trading port. He was no stranger to ledgers. But his work as an assistant in the logistics branch of AO was his first taste of the scale of interstellar trade and the cutthroat nature of the merchants who partake in it. 

     In system, the faction in control of the other port would war every few years. The conflict would be big in the news and small scale skirmishes would break out. Both sides wanting the others assets. AO (which had always been backed by the Royal Family of Avalon) would pump a lot of money into the wars. It would always end in a stalemate. This warring was taking its toll on the Royal Family's cash reserves as they assisted their puppet faction in funding the wars. More on that later. 

     It was during the final of these civil wars that Otto made a name for himself. To sum up a very intricate situation, Otto discovered a detail overlooked by the hundreds of AO analysts planning the war effort. A detail which when exploited, cut off the major source of funds for the opposing side. AO forces soon turned the tide and finally took control of the other port. Ending a several decade long stalemate. Otto was largely credited to breaking the stalemate. It impressed the Royalty enough to knight him. Making his customary title "Sir Otto von Wolfsburg of Avalon." At this point he didn't have much to his name other than his new title. That changed when AO approached him with a sponsorship. Perhaps urged by the Royal Family, they wanted send Otto through the Commander's Academy in exchange for a period of service. The choice was easy. Years later, he graduated with an affinity for ships greater than 400 tonnes. When writing the application for his Commander name. He initially wrote Wolf of Avalon. Unsatisfied, he scribbled “Wise” in the margin just before turning in the paperwork. 

     In the following decade he'd amass a fortune and helped Avalon Organization grow. Otto developed a reputation as a cutthroat merchant and merciless negotiator who wasn't afraid to use others’ weakness to his advantage. Otto would grab power whenever he could. Perhaps urged on by his initial claim to fame, he'd always look for unseen connections to exploit for profit. 

     Out of a sense of duty, he based himself in Avalon. Keeping his wealth there. It was around this time that Otto began the Independent Merchant's Association(IMA). This wealth caught the attention of the Royal family. They proposed an arranged marriage with the Knight. A simple transaction. His money for a stake in Royalty. The title of Prince. 

     An arranged couple, Princess Maria, age 34, and (now) Prince Otto, age 38, were awkward at first but fortunate enough to foster a true bond. Changed by the kind hearted but fierce Princess, Otto began to see life not through the veil of credits that drove him since his early 20’s, but with a bit more humanity. With his old friends in AO, he naturally started handling dealings with them for his Royal family. 

     Influenced by his wife and feeling as though he accomplished all he set out to achieve, Otto began to mellow. His business life went on however. Setting up a few small branch offices of the IMA. He took quite an interest in the Shapsugabus branch. He wanted to see how markets in Aisling space fared without the lucrative slave trade. He spent much time there.
     Throughout all his ventures, Otto always came back to Avalon. In the present day, he still docks all his ships there.