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Founder Jeff Ryan
Diamond 20 1,340

Prismatic Rank



Main Ship Name Role Loadout
Anaconda PNV Aurora's Hope Ranger


CMDR: Jeff Ryan


Jeffrey Alexander Ryan is the first son of Alexander Ryan and Mary La Lisa. Born in 3236 he was the heir to House Ryan, a minor noble house on the mining world of Ugain in the LHS 1071 system. Jeff grew up being groomed as the heir but early in his 20s after aquiring a Federation Pilot's license he took off for adventure amongst the stars. This didn't go down well at home, but the family used his adventures to spread their own influence and was excellent PR. Using family wealth he helped found the Elite Pilot's Federation. Jeff was also a keen explorer and has many stars, planets and moons credited to him as the discoverer including Earth-like worlds. This was aided in the early 34th century with invention of the Frameshift Drive.

In 3301 he returned to House Ryan as the family patriarch on the death of his father. Months were spent maneuvering family business and holdings from the family's traditional seat on Ugain to their 'summer home' on Cubeo, an unimportant earth-like world, which was thrust into galactic politics when Princess Aisling Duval made it her headquarters. The months of politics and the transformation of House Ryan into the Prismatic Imperium took its toll and the young noble abdicated a month after the founding of the Imperium to his younger brother Corwin who'd spent his life managing family assets on both Ugain and Cubeo, making him more suited to the role as the Prismatic Imperium's leader.

Jeff himself has gone back to piloting his starship aiding the Prismatic Imperium in space as well as being given the role of political advisor and Founder. His actual power in the Imperium is now second only to that of his brother and is closely followed by the Imperium's Viceroy. Rumours he'd like to take back the House are unfounded as amongst other considerations is his fierce loyalty to his brother whom he thinks does a better job than he himself would.