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CMDR Suhono
Diamond 3,881 372

Prismatic Rank

Emerald Elder


Main Ship Name Role Loadout
Imperial Cutter Sister's Charity Multipurpose Flagship Link
Ship Name Role Loadout
Imperial Courier Sister’s Alacrity Light Reconnaissance Link
Imperial Eagle Sister’s Acuity Special Reconnaissance Link
Beluga Liner Sister’s Empathy Luxury Passenger Link
Orca Sister's Refuge Luxury Exploration Link
Dolphin Sister’s Warmth Luxury Shuttle Link
Anaconda Sister’s Constancy Strategic Transport Link
Python Sister's Honour Multipurpose Link
Cobra Mk III Sister's Virtue Personal Multipurpose Link
Diamondback Explorer Sister's Curiosity Long-range exploration Link
Sidewinder Sister's Humility Planetary Recon Link
Asp Explorer Sister's Faith Survey exploration Link
Fer-de-Lance Sister's Resolve Special Operations Link
Adder Sister's Tranquility Personal Shuttle Link
Hauler Sister's Chastity Private Shuttle Link


CMDR: Suhono


CMDR Suhono was born on New California in the Epsilon Eridani system to a wealthy merchant family in 3277. Despite her family being recent migrants to the independent system, she enjoyed immense prestige and privilege as a child, essentially treated as royalty and given access to the highest quality education possible. She wanted for nothing, and her family firmly resided within the top one percent of New California's upper class, living in one of its towering citadels at a tropical latitude.

In 3285, Suhono's parents underwent a religious awakening and were persuaded by the Guardians of the Free Spirit, a group of religious zealots from Van Maanen's Star, to sell their worldly possessions and move to toil beneath the icy, barren surface of one of the worlds in the Guardians' home system. In 3288, aged 11, the young Suhono ran away from her parents, escaping aboard a cargo ship carrying the fruits of her parents' labour and determined to flee Van Maanen's Star.

For several years, the young girl wandered among the galaxy's outposts and orbital stations, occasionally being mentored by various pilots and traders, but seldom staying in one place for very long. Alone and frightened at first, she developed a cold, resilient exterior, but under the tutorage of a university professor from Alioth, she also developed a reputation for being a thoughtful and well-spoken observer and listener. She frequently found employ as a spy, eavesdropping on conversations while remaining undetected. At the same time, Suhono took formal training as a starship pilot, and under mysterious circumstances, was recruited for the Pilots Federation in the late 3290s.

By 3302, she had passed the final examination to become a full-fledged Commander in the Pilots Federation, and had also shed her given name, simply going by her family's old surname. Not long after, following the death of her old mentor, CMDR Suhono migrated to Alioth and began working for various Alliance news agencies as an investigative journalist. She also flew for the Alliance Office of Statistics in multiple roles, most notably as an explorer. In early 3303, CMDR Suhono joined the Elite Federation of Pilots due to her noteworthy exploration work and discovery of numerous Earth-like worlds.

However, a deep sense of disenchantment with the policies of the Alliance led Suhono to quietly defect to the Empire in the summer of 3303, where she found a role within the Prismatic Imperium, working as an independent journalist and investigator. In late 3303, Suhono took vows as a member of the Sisters of Meropis, becoming the first new Sister in the mysterious religious order in almost a century. Her religious awakening has not halted her work as a pilot — on the contrary, it has imbued it with a higher purpose. When she is not flying in deep space, she lives on Cubeo 3 in Capital City, and is said to enjoy drinking tea imported from across the galaxy.