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CMDR Freyera
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Amethyst Vassal

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Stubborn, adventurous, apprehensive, domineering, and the root cause of all those previous, determined. When an issue arises that cannot be solved through one means, another must always take its place. Peace and comfort is derived only from her bottomless drive to complete her well defined and rigid goals. While such perseverance can normally be attributed as virtuous, it has conversely made her very wary and uncomfortable when encountering new things. One on hand, they usher in a chance to learn something new, but on the other, she is robbed of all control of the situation, and the unavoidable spike in unknown variables easily sets her on edge. She is also quick to irritate and slow to forgive, but neither of these necessarily by intentional malice, more so too busy to deal with inane complications.

Work has consumed her life, and if asked when was the last time she had fun, she would likely give you a blank expression. There was always something to be done. Something to be modified or changed, tweaked or streamlined. Everything else should and certainly did take a backseat to such dedication. Among other things, this included relationships. The one time she could remember any serious consideration of the matter, it was dismissed as nothing more than a distraction, or at best, would only provide an extra pair of hands to assist her. Hands she could not guarantee did as requested.

When around her, expect to be treated as if you're in the way and held at a distance by a hard icy exterior, one grown over the many years of ridicule for her unwavering stances on the war and chosen path of study. Even so, she remains radically dedicated to her people and will do whatever it takes to save them. Efforts to befriend her will require earning her trust in your ability to be a contributing asset to her goals, something only few have managed in the past.

There are rare moments, fleeting wisps in the winds of time when she is not working, where she expresses an entirely different personality. It only shows itself just before lying down to sleep, after eating, showering, or doing any task that is required to continue functioning, as work is forcibly isolated from her reach there. She becomes rather demure, incapable of passing conversation when it isn't about a job or task. A tinge of sadness even lingers, hiding underneath a passively relaxed attitude, past regrets finding time to boil to the surface of a mind freed of concentration.

She despises these moments.

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