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Lord UntamedZer0
Diamond 1,487 2,045

Prismatic Rank

Amethyst Vassal


Main Ship Name Role Loadout
Imperial Cutter Fickle Mistress High Speed Superfreighter
Ship Name Role Loadout
Asp Explorer Valentina Tereshkova Force Recon/Exploration
Dolphin Ocoee Rapids Exploration/Passanger
Imperial Courier Morte Lumina II Racer
Python Recompense Black Ops
Federal Gunship Haudenosaunee Md. CZ Warship
Imperial Clipper Cherohala Lg. MC CZ Warship
Python Muscogee BGS
Beluga Liner Three Moons Rambler Luxury Liner
Anaconda Frontier Rambler Exploration
Anaconda Murfreesboro Cargo/Mining
Imperial Cutter Enconium Indominus Battle Cruiser
Federal Corvette Syz Azantys Battle Cruiser
Python Mohican Md. CZ Warship
Fer-de-Lance -Incomplete Project- Md. CZ Warship




CMDR: UntamedZer0


Ansel Hoit Xeaross, or more commonly referred to as his call sign UntamedZer0, was born to a family of Grovichun Gold Netcoms executives in 3266. Though formally trained in business he broke with the family trade early to join the corporate navy patrolling the long shipping lane to Yerka City. Though his methods were controversial and unorthodox, his anti-piracy operations in the greater Grovichun region were wildly successful and in time garnered a following of independent commanders.

In the summer of 3301, after a long period of outside support via their Branch of Sight, he was commissioned by the Prismatic Imperium to oversee the reconstruction of their Branch of Vigor which was left in shambles after the departure of the 13th Legion. Welcomed to the post by a violent civil war in Cubeo, he rapidly found talented new commanders and over the course of days of round the clock fighting not only brought the conflict to a decisive end but secured Medupe City in the name of the Prismatic Imperium where he resides to this day.

Xeaross would go on to  organize the recently freed slaves in Uibuth into what is now the Adamantine Union as it's founder, help propel the Imperium's interest far beyond Cubeo for the first time in it's history, help establish it's Aurora Colony in Colonia, repair extensive UA bombing damage to his home of Medupe City,as well as be a decisive factor in many high profile conflicts in the Lower Tucanae region.

Despite his aloof, unpredictable and sometimes volatile nature, Xeaross is one of the most decorated commanders in Imperium history and is one of the few awarded the prestigious Corwin Star.