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CMDR Drad-lescore
Diamond 140 8

Prismatic Rank



Main Ship Name Role Loadout
Eagle Geagle






CMDR: Drad-lescore


Name:  Austin 'Drad' Fethroi
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Description as of 3303-07-10: 
1.78 meters tall

He is a Caucasian male, with no easily discernible physical attributes, though on his left palm, there resides some old scar.  He is neither overly fit, nor thin.


Austin only knew HIP 5700 for many years, as his family kept him rather busy doing odd jobs.  Or at least, his Grandpa and Grandma did, having raised him since he was a child.  He has no idea who his father is, but was at his mother's funeral, and he does not really care to learn who his father is, if his grandpa's foul moods can be a testiment to something that the man has done.

Austin has had years of sword fighting under his belt, as well as the use of various different firearms during his youth, all because of his grandfather.  The man also trained him to put aside all feelings, especially of pain, during combat, allowing the young man to prove himself in many street fights.

Of course, he would grow up, hoping to put his own plans in motion.  That would end up changing as he met the most wonderful woman, Luki Ebbon, during an event that saw him wanting to leave his family, and the rather.. criminal activities they do.  To his surprise, he got the approval of his grandfather, and went with Luki out into the now infinite realm of possibilities that now was at his doorstep.

He soon after decided to become a commander himself, to help his wife out, be it through piloting ships to cover her, to fly out on his own if she was too busy, and to see the vast universe as well.  It took him 4 years of schooling, with the combat portion being his absolute worst one.

After finishing his training, he came back to Cubeo to learn of his wife's shop and her being assaulted during his time of being effective off the grid.  He had chosen to stay away from the media for reasons of wanting to focus on his studies.  Later on, he also participated in a threat on the station, as some men and women of an unknown to him group assaulted his wife's shop.

A few days later, he went down into the warrens, looking to see if he could join the syndicate, to break them from the inside out, but time and the introduction of Gem 32 into his system, saw that plan fall through with him seeing four men on the stage, as well as the hologram of a certain dead man.

Austin wants to view this war as a civil war, not a war on terrorism, as he views the ranks, at least the many grunts of the enemy, as people who are part of PI.  Former slaves, men and women screwed by just being unlucky, and joining something that gave them hope and a purpose.. Even if that purpose is now being part of a drugged up cult.