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CMDR Allan Quatermain
43,409   3,994,868


Ruby Granduke

Roleplay Gear

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Deprivation Fist of the Overseer
Light Shock Weapon
+ Damage
This non-lethal item is exclusive to the Administration of the Overseer and is designed to incapacitate opposition to Imperial Law. Electrical charges arc from the distribution end which will subdue most lightly armored targets. To armored targets it will disrupt the functionality of utilities. This item can be obtained by completing missions for the Cubeo Overseers or by building your reputation with High Overseer Aloturus Ottesius.
x 400 (100%)
Bedazzling Formal Suit
Utility Slots: 3
This attire is a highly decorative fashion statement for formal parties and celebrities. It provides low defense and high style. It can be worn in conjunction with armor modifiers. It is popular among nobility and celebrities.
x 7,000 (100%)




About CMDR Allan Quatermain:

Full Name: Allan Maximilian Quatermain Call-Sign: Huntsman Age: 38 (born April 28, 3270) Gender: Male Distinguishing features: Long straight white hair - usually tied in a pony-tail, full and well-kept beard. Build: Athletic, Well-Built, Soldier's/Martial Artist body. Height: 193cm (6' 3") Hobbies: Swimming, Adventuring, Entertaining Guests (which includes Cooking), Martial Arts and Exercise.


  • Heir to the Quatermain Ambassadorial Household,
  • Prince in the Imperial Navy,
  • Overseer Enforcer of the Cubeo 1st Overseer Commandos,
  • Senator for the Prismatic Imperium - Cubeo III,
  • Double-Elite CMDR in the Pilots Federation ( )

Summary of CMDR Allan Quatermain's Life


  • Born to Ambassador Patrick Quatermain and Elissa Quatermain (nee Lorraine) aboard the Imperial Navy Frigate INV Audacious.
  • Arrived at the Imperial Embassy on Wolf 1453.


  • Sister Alicia was born.


  • Brother Maximus was born.
  • Ambassador Patrick Quatermain and family transferred to the Imperial Embassy in Duamta.


  • Betrothed in an arranged marriage to Felicita Bourbon-Savoy of Achenar.
  • Announced intention to join the Imperial Navy.
  • Sent to the Imperial Naval Academy Preparatory School on Cubeo.


  • Entered the Imperial Naval Academy for commissioning as an Imperial Naval Officer in the Intelligence Corps.


  • Graduated Imperial Naval Academy Summa Cum Laude.
  • Inducted into Imperial Navy Special Operations branch.
  • Assigned to the 551st Strike Wing “The Spectres”.


  • During extended-shore leave settled on Cubeo III.
  • Joined the Branch of Vigor at the invitation of Lord Warden Trinity A. Craft.
  • Elected as Senator to for the Prismatic Imperium.


  • Reprised active duty with the 551st Strike Wing “The Spectres”.


  • During extended-shore leave settled on Cubeo III - Trapeze Island (Open in Discord Desktop App | Browser)
  • Masterminded extensive renovations of Trapeze Island.
  • Masterminded extensive improvement of Trapeze Island Security.
  • Established Police Special Forces Unit Headquarters on Trapeze Island.
  • Resigned position as advisor to the Regent, in order to pursue a romantic relationship with Ana Jägerndorf
  • Led a successful dive mission to Biggs Colony. (Begins:Open in Discord Desktop App | Browser)
  • Undertook significant efforts undermining the criminal Monty Erickson
  • Joined the Imperial Overseers at the behest of High Overseer Aloturus Ottesius.
  • Undertook significant efforts to improve the public perception of the Imperial Overseers.
  • Infected with the incurable bio-weapon known as Gem during a mission to save the life of Lord Warden Robert "Mystler" Angussen (Open in Discord Desktop App | Browser)
  • Attempted to resign from the Imperial Overseers due to Gem compromising his operational effectiveness.
  • Led a successful mission to Gordon Depot. (Begins: Open in Discord Desktop App | Browser)
    • Begins an effort to create a counter-measure to the Arachnid Spawn bio-weapon used by Hallos Williams of the Tyrant Thorn on the citizens of Gordon Depot.
  • Elevated to the rank of Imperial Overseer Enforcer by High Overseer Aloturus Ottesius.
  • Resigned from the Branch of Vigor. (Open in Discord Desktop App | Browser)
  • Began the 6 week selection, induction and training process for the 1st Imperial Overseer Commandos squad - the "Hellhounds".
  • Created the Honoris Collective in the Capital City.
  • Began extensive operations against Tyrant Thorn.


  • Accomplished significant advances in combating drug trafficking in the Capital City.
  • Opened the Golden Reef on Trapeze Island, a massive underwater attraction and mall (Open in Discord Desktop App | Browser).
  • Advances significant research into finding a cure for the currently incurable bioweapon known as Gem (one of many posts: Open in Discord Desktop App | Browser).
  • Began a significant operation against the Pirates in the Kongan System in an effort to track down assassins working for Monty Erickson.
  • When contacting his parents for the first time in years, in order to announce his intent to marry Ana Jägerndorf, he is reminded that his childhood betrothal still stands (Open in Discord Desktop App | Browser)
  • Ambassador Quatermain and his wife arrive for a visit to Trapeze Island to discuss Allan's future (Open in Discord Desktop App | Browser).
  • Masterminds, organises and leads an expedition to salvage the treasure of Captain Niko Nefarious (begins: Open in Discord Desktop App | Browser)
  • Coordinates with CMDR TTMJ and later with CMDR Daniel Jorall to use their significant research facilities to assist with the research of a cure for Gem.
  • Allan Quatermain's Family arrive on Trapeze in a surprise visit. In the entourage is Princess Felicita Bourbon-Savoy, his betrothed. Chaos ensues (Open in Discord Desktop App | Browser)
  • Organises a surprise birthday for Kaydeen Isaak, a record of which is stored in multiple capture pearls.
  • A major misundersanding by CMDR Marina Yao causes havoc in Allan's precarious relationship troubles, which ultimately result in Ana leaving Allan (Long narrative, begins: Open in Discord Desktop App | Browser)
  • Allan makes the very difficult decision to honour his family traditions and reluctantly returns to enter into a formal courtship with Princess Felicita Bourbon-Savoy. (Begins: Open in Discord Desktop App | Browser)
  • Begins the ancient tradition of the Discernment on Achenar with the Bourbon-Savoy Family (Begins: Open in Discord Desktop App | Browser)
  • Organises and participates in the Matrimony of Catherine Edmunds and Robert "Mystler" Angusson (Open in Discord Desktop App | Browser)
  • Discovered the truth behind the disappearance of CMDR Ramirez Hikaze.
  • Collected invaluable information on the origins of Gem.
  • Successfully infiltrated and scouted the White Rose base on Ryan Landing. (Open in Discord Desktop App | Browser)
  • Was cured of Gem by the White Rose
  • Was accepted into the Imperial Diplomatic Corps, and offered a place at the Imperial Diplomatic Corps Academy on Achenar.
  • Resigned from the Administration of the Overseer.

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