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CMDR Sisuvia
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Roleplay Gear

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Callaghan Auto Pistol
Light Kinetic Weapon
+ Damage
This standard Callaghan sidearm is a must have for personal defense for anyone when outside of the security of installations. It is a reliable weapon that uses common types of ammunition making it simple to use and maintain. It can fire quickly and is easy to reload, though it does low damage.
x 100 (100%)
Light Jacket
Utility Slots: 1
This jacket comes in a large variety of styles and colors and creates an improved silhouette when worn over standard flight suits. It is a great source of defense from light weapons and can help make an impression at casual functions. It can be worn in conjunction with armor modifiers. It is popular among traders and explorers.
x 100 (100%)
Light Kinetic Weapon
+ Damage
Every pilot should consider keeping a knife on hand as a last resort. This weapon can cut through flight suits and some armors with ease.
x 50 (100%)


Forculus HoloCard
For the odd individual with an appreciation of the simple things, or perhaps a sense of humor, the HoloCard will surprise your friends with 3D projected confetti, music, and a video recording from you! The card itself is only a few inches wide and celebrates the otherwise uninteresting Forculus system with an animated image of its only habitable city, Irrational Exuberance.
x 5 (100%)


Name: Lewis Alastair Penrose 81 (born June 25, 3226) Birthplace: Rangtei A 7, Rangtei System Spouse: Eleanor R. Snow Children: Charles, Grayson, Maria, Cecil, Lyra, Vernon † Parents: Leonard T. Penrose, Elissa Bramfield Alma Mater: Imperial Science Academy

The current head of the Penrose family, Lewis A. Penrose, was born in the Rangtei system, on the world Rangtei A 7, in Villa Zaffiro on the coast of the Sapphire Sea in the year 3226 to Leonard T. and Elissa B. Penrose. The first of three children, his sibilings are Ophelia L. Cannon, who resides on Cubeo A 3, and Wilhelm V. Penrose, who lives on Rangtei A 7 with the rest of the family. Lewis married Eleanor R. Snow in 3249, and with her is the father of six children, 32 grand children, and 5 great-grandchildren. Currently serving as a Senator of the Prismatic Imperium, Lewis was a former officer in the Imperial Navy and Rangtei's system defense forces.

The Penrose family initially settled in the Rangtei system in 2985, when Harvey Penrose, Lewis's ancestor, came as a settler to the world from Achenar. The family soon established a successful business enterprise in mining the Rangtei A A belt, under their corporation, Penrose Consolidated Mines (PCM). The business has remained in the family since, and allowed them to settle comfortably on the coast of the Sapphire Sea. When Leonard Penrose became the family's head upon the death of his father, Alastair R. Penrose, the family lost prominance and respect, due to his poor financial managing of PCM, failure to repay debts, and rampant issues with narcotics, gambling and womanizing. He did however grant freedom to all slaves owned by the Penrose family and PCM, although this was likely a financial decision rather than a moral one. In 3277, Lewis, his sons, brother, and mother, effective staged a coup forcing Leonard from his roles in PCM, and functionally the Penrose family, leading to his flight from Rangtei and subsequent disappearance. Lewis would then take the role of the family patriarch to repair the social and financial damages Leonard had caused, with Wilhelm becoming the CEO of PCM to solve the business losses.

Under the leadership of the brothers, the Penrose family saw some return to success and respectability, and a new golden age for the family, after decades of poor decisions and mismanagement, but Leonard's actions had left a lasting stain on the family name. Lewis would move to Capital City in Cubeo in 3285 with his wife, their daughter Lyra, her husband Lawrence, and their four children to reestablish the family name in Imperial society again. Villa Zaffiro was left to his son Charles, but Lewis keeps strong ties to the rest of the Penrose family and Rangtei, keeping the family's fleet there at Riazuddin Orbital.

More recently, several of Lewis's relatives were forced into hiding due to their support of Nova Imperium before the Imperial purges, but returned to Rangtei upon the ratification of the Treaty of Paresa. Vernon Penrose, his wife, and their four children were killed at Shajn Market during the Nine Martyrs attacks.

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