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CMDR thirstyfish
Diamond 1,807 112

Prismatic Rank

Amethyst Heir


Main Ship Name Role Loadout
Fer-de-Lance Lightning Combat Link
Ship Name Role Loadout
Python Zephyr General Link
Anaconda Boreas Trade




CMDR: thirstyfish


Name: Kurt Austin
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 12 December 3274
1.88 meters tall
He has dirty blonde hair that is kept on the short side and steel-blue eyes. Much of his body is covered with scars. He has a prosthetic left leg up to just above the knee joint.

He typically wears subdued colors, blues, greys, and blacks. Most often you’ll find him wearing a lightweight jacket over a t-shirt and slacks. His clothing almost always prioritizes function over form. 

Personal History:

Born in the city of Seattle in the Sol system to a Core Dynamics Engineer, Kurt’s parents made it clear in his first 18 years of life that they didn’t want him around. As a result, Kurt signed up for the Federation military as soon as possible. He hasn’t had any contact with his parents since leaving for basic training. 

Kurt had a very successful military career by most standards. He was awarded several medals and commendations for his performance as a recon scout sniper and was well regarded by most of his superiors. Despite this success, the deaths of many of his friends would end up weighing heavily on him. By the year 3298, Kurt had earned a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and had gone through Officer Candidate School. He honorably left the service in the year 3300.

After leaving the military, Kurt signed up for Pilot Federation flight school, where he performed well. It wasn’t long before he met up with an old friend from his time in the service, Stephanie, who had also become a pilot. The two of them worked together frequently and had a very close relationship. Late in the year, Kurt and Stephanie got involved in a major anti-piracy mission being led by the Federal Navy Reserve. During this mission, Kurt had his ship’s engines shot out while engaged in combat on a 1.3 G world. The subsequent crash resulted in the amputation of his left leg and nearly cost him his life. The only reason he survived was due to the quick actions of Stephanie. 

After getting fitted for a prosthetic leg, Kurt and Stephanie got involved in a ground mission to kill the pirate lord leading the same gang from before. It was supposed to be an infiltration mission, but it quickly turned into an extensive firefight. By the end of the battle, the pirate lord had a knife to Stephanie’s throat and was using her as a human shield against Kurt. It didn’t matter in the end as the pirate rammed the blade into her back. As she fell, Kurt put a rifle round through his right lung and he drowned in his own blood. Kurt rushed to help Stephanie, but it was too little, too late. She bled out in his arms.

After that mission went awry, Kurt wandered around the bubble. He never stayed in one place for more than a week or two. He eventually found himself in Imperial space and decided to join the Prismatic Imperium in October 3303. 

As things would turn out, Kurt joined the Imperium at a critical time, and his skills as a sniper and a soldier would be called on once again. 

Kurt is quiet and observant. Where others would speak, he chooses to listen and watch. He measures his worth by the number of lives he failed to save. 38 is the current total and he is haunted by the death of Stephanie most of all. He is logical, a pragmatist, and is his own biggest critic.

Kurt is single and doesn’t trust himself to actively pursue a romantic relationship due to the last woman he was involved with bleeding out in his arms.