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Conventional Coat
Utility Slots: 1
Ability: This coat can provide basic resistance to light kinetic attacks.

This smart wired coat comes in a wide variety of styles, materials, and colors and features all of the expected technological accessories of the 34th century. It provides some much needed protection for a night prowling bounty hunter.
x 180 (90%)


A brief history on Damon Winchester, a commander who's family longed for the old days of Earth.

Born some 20 odd years ago in some little system somewhere in some meaningless part of the bubble, Damon should've been a nobody. He comes from a system that primarily consists of traders and miners, with reportedly only 2 or 3 pilots combat trained to protect the system. Had life gone according to plan, Damon would've flown a hauler for the government for thirty years or so and retired with a nice little pension. But life never goes according to plan.

What very few people know about Damon's system is that it lies in a sweet spot between a number of systems that sort of form a circle around it. While ships and fleets can make it to any point in the circle by jumping through the circumference systems, it would be much faster to jump through the system in the middle, where Damon was. For a very long time, this meant nothing. The system and its surrounding systems all existed in relative peace. But then war broke out. Not a war that anyone really cared about, just a blip on the radar of wars in the vast galaxy. But Damon cared about this war. You see, the 2 factions fighting the war both had the idea of capturing Damon's system to use as a jump point to nearby systems. They showed up at the same time, and the details of what followed need not be narrated here. The point is that everyone died, well almost. Damon was off on one of the system's outer planets, gathering some ore or salvage or what have you. When the warring navies showed up in the system, his ship would've hardly been a blip on the radar. But the station? Both sides wanted the station. And humans being humans and war being war, they decided that no one would get the station.

System defenses were deployed quickly, but were wholly inadequate. A hodgepodge of Diamondback models, an old Federal Gunship with only a few working hardpoints, and a number of Eagles were all the system had to throw against the 2 navies. The lack of ships was further compounded by the lack of pilots capable of flying them in combat. Nevertheless, anyone who could fly stepped up to the plate. That didn't really mean much though. As Damon left orbit of an outer rim planet, he could see the station off in space, or really not see the station. Even in the outer planets, one could use the stars to identify where the station was and the station showed up in the galactic sky. Except on this day, there was nothing for Damon to see.

As he arrived back in station space, all he saw was ruins. The station was a burning husk, pieces of ships lay strewn about. He quickly pulled up comms attempting to reach his parents but to no avail. The warring navies had already left, destroying lives and not caring a second about it. This is when Damon's outlook changed.

He grew cold and dark, letting hatred fester within him. He vowed to hunt down those responsible for the death of not only his family, but his system, his home. He still hunts a few of the naval commanders responsible, but he has largely killed them all. Nowadays, he can be found somewhere in the bubble, flying ships kitted for combat and nothing but. Publicly, he says he fights for good and for justice, but that's really not the motive. Killing is the only way he stays sane. He'd best be desribed as an anti-hero. He's wanted in a number of systems, both Federation and Imperial, and yet he flies in those systems with no worries about the authorities. His largest legend is that the he took down a fully kitted out Corvette with nothing but a Viper, but he refuses to discuss that battle.

Damon Winchester is an enigma. Publicly motivated by justice, privately fueled by hate. Slaves and those less fortunate praise him for facing off against the authorities. The authorities hate him, but respect him for his combat prowess. No one knows where his journey will take him next, possibly not even him.

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