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CMDR Alexandria Tyreul
55   100

Alexandria Tyreul#5784


Roleplay Gear

Gear is currently unlocked

Callaghan Auto Pistol
Light Kinetic Weapon
+ Damage
This standard Callaghan sidearm is a must have for personal defense for anyone when outside of the security of installations. It is a reliable weapon that uses common types of ammunition making it simple to use and maintain. It can fire quickly and is easy to reload, though it does low damage.
x 55 (110%)
Federal Assault Rifle
Medium Kinetic Weapon
+++ Damage
Built for use by Federal Soldiers, this battle weapon will unleash a force of submission to the enemy without mercy. This trusty rifle does the job well. It fires quickly and is easy to reload, though it does medium damage.
x 330 (110%)
Nisara Multitech Jacket
This high grade jacket from Nisara Multitech is an exemplary Imperial design serving as a defense unit for tactical operations providing high defense and medium style. It features 4 utility slots for defense improvements and can be worn in conjunction with armor modifiers. It is popular among mercenaries and explorers.

Utility Slots: 4
x 5,500 (100%)
Nisara Multitech Burst Shield
Medium Thermal and Kinetic Defense
++ Defense
An alternate defense option in extended combat from a variety of assaults, this shield will deploy from a belt and defend the wearer from thermal and kinetic attacks for a limited number of hits by integrating with the user's armor, strengthening resistances with technical jargon. It can be recharged quickly using a shield cell booster. This model can be continuously charged when connected to a power system assuming one is conveniently accessible.
x 5,375 (63%)
Thermal Broadsword
Heavy Thermal Weapon
+++ Damage
Infused with a laser edge, thermal broadswords can cut through any armor. The blade can withstand contact with other laser edges but continuous hits will overheat the core. Use heat sinks to keep the core from experiencing a meltdown. This weapon is recommended for experienced melee warriors.
x 700 (100%)




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