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CMDR MapuDan
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Roleplay Gear

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Sight Professor Uniform
Utility Slots: 4
Decorated uniform worn by valued personnel in the Prismatic Imperium Branch of Sight. As an entity of the government, Sight professors are required to maintain their uniforms and abide by by the Lord Headmaster's dress code. The uniform offers low defense and high style. The wearer is highly respected as an educator, philosopher, and contributor to Cubeo Society, having influential power in the political arena.
x 5,000 (100%)



Forculus HoloCard
For the odd individual with an appreciation of the simple things, or perhaps a sense of humor, the HoloCard will surprise your friends with 3D projected confetti, music, and a video recording from you! The card itself is only a few inches wide and celebrates the otherwise uninteresting Forculus system with an animated image of its only habitable city, Irrational Exuberance.
x 2 (40%)
GalNet Victory
Class: Commercial [Branch of Sight]
Engine: Powerplant
Fuel: Hydrogen
Speed: 19 m/s
Self Driving: No
Seats: 8 (24)
GalNet Embedded Systems and Scanner Dynamics cooperated on this research vessel in 2982. It is a mobile laboratory for remote world projects. It has no integrated defense systems but is well armored against environmental hazards and wildlife. It is restricted from public roads due to size.
x 8,000 (100%)
Hydronis VX Discovery
Class: Commercial [Branch of Sight]
Engine: Powerplant
Fuel: Hydrogen
Speed: 10 m/s
Self Driving: No
Seats: 8 (28)
This Hydronis behemoth was designed for heavy duty environmental studies on inhabitable planets. It is usually outfitted with mobile laboratory and communication modules as well as an observatory deck extending from the living quarters. They cannot operate on public roads.
x 16,000 (100%)
Conventional Jacket
Utility Slots: 1
Ability: This jacket can provide basic resistance to stabs and cuts from melee attacks.

This smart wired jacket comes in a wide variety of styles, materials, and colors and features all of the expected technological accessories of the 34th century. It provides some much needed protection for a street smart pilot.
x 90 (90%)
Sight Discovery Scanner
Activation Command:
Open [NOTES] for instructions on use.

Installed in a utility slot, this small device scans bio-material and organisms to identify them using a scientific codex. If scanning an organism, it will attempt to create a profile with an estimate species, age, and diet. If the organism is rare or undiscovered, the user will be rewarded 100 reputation points and a data item. It is awarded to accomplished Sight agents.
x 1,500 (100%)
Sight Recruit Uniform
Utility Slots: 2
Official uniform worn by all recruits in the Prismatic Imperium Branch of Sight. As an entity of the government, Sight personnel are expected to maintain their uniforms and abide by the dress code enforced by the Lord Headmaster. The uniform offers low defense and high style making it ideal for political appeal but a poor choice for combat. Wearing such uniform while not in active service to the Branch of Sight is a high offense.
x 1,000 (100%)
Callaghan Auto Pistol
Light Kinetic Weapon
Damage: +
Fire Rate: ++
Reload Speed: ++

This standard Callaghan sidearm is a must have for personal defense for anyone when outside of the security of installations. It is a reliable weapon that uses common types of ammunition making it simple to use and maintain.
x 90 (90%)
Light Kinetic Weapon
Damage: +
Ability: If an enemy engages in melee while the user is using ranged weapons, switching to and attacking with the knife is a free action. A critical attack can ignore armor.

Every pilot should consider keeping a knife on hand as a last resort. This weapon can cut through flight suits and some armors with ease. The Diamond Market provides one as a gift to all CMDRs with an account.
x 25 (50%)


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