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CMDR Raytracer38
Diamond 1,849 1,630

Prismatic Rank

Amethyst Heir


Main Ship Name Role Loadout
Python PNV Fidelis BGS/Mission Runner
Ship Name Role Loadout
Asp Explorer PNV Swordfish Exploration
Type-6 Transporter PNV Space Brick Trading/transportation
Viper Mk IV Trevithick Pride Combat
Fer-de-Lance PNV Minerva Combat
Anaconda PNV Neptune Exploration/Trading






CMDR: Raytracer38


Born July 4th, 3268 on a small mining community on Mars, and raised on Tryggvason Installation, Camp Donalds in Wolf 359, Raymond “Ray” Leduc was destined from a young age to travel to the stars.
His mother, Catherine, was a non-commissioned officer in the Federal Navy, responsible for the education of the children of military families while their families were deployed. His father, Michael, was a trader, captain of the Type-9 Heavy “Pride of Wolf 359”. 
       Much of his childhood was spent with foster families, as his parents were frequently away, either on trade runs or off teaching at a military installation in a neighbouring system. When his father felt he was ready, he would frequently bring him along on his safer trade routes, teaching his what he could about ship maintenance and piloting, as well as the business of trading. His mother was a kind woman, but frequently absent as was required for her position. The amount of time spent apart eventually led to his parents separating, although they both remained a part of his life.
       His mother Catherine was eventually selected to be a tutor for the families of the Federal President, as well as the families of aides and senators in the President’s Cabinet. At the time, the Federal President was the predecessor of Jasmina Halsey, but she went on to serve Halsey and her senate. She frequently travelled with Halsey’s entourage as part of Starship One, since they were gone from Sol for months at a time and the Senators would frequently bring their families with them. When the ship carrying Jasmina Halsey and her Vice President, as well as her closest advisors disappeared, Raymond’s mother was travelling on the escort ship. This ship was retired within a few months and, upset with the ousting of Jasmina Halsey and at odds with President Hudson’s policies, Catherine left the Federal Navy and continued as a teacher back on Mars, where she lives to this day.
       His father Michael was already a very successful trader when Raymond was born. The nature of his business kept him away from home often, but he brought Raymond along with him as soon as he felt he was ready, and only when he felt he could assure his safety. After Michael separated from his wife, Raymond spent more time with his father than ever, eventually taking time away to complete his pilot training in the LHS 3447 System, operating out of Trevithick Dock. He completed his training in record time. Using some money he had scraped together from trading he had done on the side with his father, Raymond purchased a Sidewinder and began flying support for his father on his more dangerous trade runs, protecting the much larger, more sluggish ship from attacks by pirates.
       Raymond felt the need to explore, however, as well as a desire to thin out the numbers of roving pirates preying on innocent traders, so he purchased a Viper Mk IV and began taking on bounty hunting missions. He became infamous, at least in a small corner of the galaxy, for his efficiency. The contacts he made in the intelligence community and the criminal underground are said to still keep him informed to this day.
       Over the years, Raymond had become increasingly bitter and disillusioned with the Federation. He began to despise the control the corporations had over the government, and the rampant corruption that ran all the way up to the President. As a result, he began to take on missions that would serve to undermine the Federation, and was successful, for a time.
       On January 3rd, 3303, Raymond responded to a lead on a corporate vessel said to be funneling money and insider trading data to the Federal government. This system, whose name is lost to him now, was on the border between Federation and Empire space. Shortly after dropping out of hyperspace, he locked in on the target and began to engage. Before even firing a shot, Raymond was ambushed by 3 Federal Navy vessels.  Seeing he was clearly outgunned, he turned to make his escape, but his frameshift drive was quickly disabled and he became desperate. Deactivating his Flight Assist and going into Silent Running made it appear that he was dead in space. To convince them further, he jettisoned some of his live ordinance and detonated it, making it appear as if his ship was coming apart.
       By this point, his canopy was broken and he was running low on oxygen. The navy vessels, convinced that he was no longer a threat, jumped to hyperspace, leaving him for dead. Raymond attempted to re-initialize his engines, but they refused to respond. He was now drifting dangerously close to the red giant star he was orbiting. With no canopy, and with the light shielding on his helmet failing, he was blinded by the light of the star and beginning to lose consciousness from the low oxygen. He lost consciousness, and assumed that was the end, but woke up in a hospital bed, still blinded and struggling to remain conscious. He recalls hearing the voice of a man who identified himself as a member of the Prismatic Imperium, but he never heard a name.
       It turns out the man had dropped out of hyperspace shortly after the Federal Navy vessels had left and found Raymond’s ship dropping quickly towards the system’s star. At great risk to himself, he managed to extricate Raymond from his stricken vessel and transport him to a nearby station with a medical facility. He then paid for Raymond’s treatment, including repairing Raymond’s damaged eyes and enhancing them with cybernetics. Raymond never saw the man again, but vowed to repay him somehow.
       After months of recovery, Raymond finally was well enough to fly once again. He managed to regain access to his locked accounts, purchased any ship he could, in this case a Hauler, and set off for the home of the Prismatic Imperium, Cubeo. He took on the name Commander Raytracer38, after a favourite childhood holovid character, and his lucky number.
       Quickly making contact with the Imperium, he gained their favour and became a full member in September 3303. Shortly after he pledged his support to the Branch of Sight, focused on research and exploration. He continues to undertake exploration missions when possible, but in general supporting the Prismatic Imperium wherever and whenever he can. He has not yet found the man who once saved his life, but he vows to repay him in person one day.