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Mission Statement

The Prismatic Imperium (PI) is an Imperial faction aligned with the stated goals of Aisling Duval. PI as a whole stands against slavery and narcotics and ban the trade of such commodities. It calls Cubeo (Cubeo III) its home and controls the system. The primary interest of the PI is to establish Cubeo as a prosperous paradise and a shining example of the ingenuity and generosity of Imperial Society where progressives and traditionalists work in unity for the benefit of all. From successful Community Goals for everyone, to involvement in the Colonia project, to protectorate states. Background Simulation, Trade, Exploration. We run weekly events, a news website and have a deep and developing lore. Roleplay events saw players defeat the evil Overseer of Cubeo Jesse Ladd through in-game actions and out-of-game roleplay.

If you want to be part of our group and wing with our Commanders, join us now by dropping a request in our Discord channel!

Prismatic Imperium has three branches: the Branch of MIND, the Branch of SIGHT and the Branch of VIGOR. PI was founded by CMDR Jeff Ryan, and supported by CMDR Andariel and CMDR Wisewolf of Avalon. Other founding leaders were CMDR UntamedZer0, CMDR LocNor who founded the Imperial Astrographical Society, and CMDR Kevin Massey, the celebrity herald who's responsible for the famous The People's Media.

Latest News from our Discord server

ThumbnailAntony Jakob Birge

::BIRGEBROADCAST:: - Get The Truth

Nothing is more terrifying to me than Trapeze Island! I feel sorry for whoever is currently investing here. Despite it being a resort this place has seen too much contrast over the years. Even Senator Raven Hart considered ditching the place! Take a wild look at this! -8 points in the blue, +6 points in the red? Take my word for it, you can’t get any worse than this! If you invest in Trapeze Island anyway you are either a fool or a complete genius visionary. I wish you the best. Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let's discuss something more pressing… CMDR Trinity A. Craft and her love of illegal kitten breeds.

ThumbnailAlicia Mellor

::THE PEOPLE'S MEDIA:: - The Daily Chat

Welcome to another special report on Cubeo’s Most Controversial. Today we introduce our host Alicia Mellor. Mellor began her career as a support actress on the reality show "Some More Than Others" where she played as Maggie, the middle child of an average family in Achenar. By the time she turned fourteen, she had been in over twelve streamed shows and was staring in her own program, "My Way". She makes the list of top 100 successful child celebrities across the Empire. By 24, Mellor was an Empire-wide superstar, even popular among numerous systems across the Federation, Alliance, and Sirius. She moved up from reality streams into the busy buzz of the news industry, certain it would pave the way for future success.

ThumbnailAxton Janel Rodney


Crazy cultists fabricate threat!

Medupe city was visited today by a caravan of thargoid worshiping cultists. They espoused a message of peace, but continued to adhere to the lie that thargoids actually exist! Accounts of bug infestations in Federation space, while justified, are exaggerated. Tune in for the full story with Axton Janel Rodney and his guest.

ThumbnailAntony Jakob Birge

::BIRGEBROADCAST:: - Get The Truth

Big news people. Mumore Residential is undergoing a renovation project on one of its bridges. Additionally we can expect a new submerged traffic system that passes under the rivers which will alleviate some of the car density off the surface. How does this impact you, valued supporter of my network? The Diamond Market predicts an investment change of -4 points to the blue bar and +2 points to the red. After factoring the citizen traffic and security I find this to be a pretty big investment loss. If you do invest anyway I expect it will recover very well.

ThumbnailAlicia Mellor

::THE PEOPLE'S MEDIA:: - The Daily Chat

The pretty and upbeat Alicia Mellor returns this week to bring us into the world of 3D Printed Food! YUCK! Let us give you fifty considerable reasons to avoid a dependence on algae based fabrications. Your comprehension of the subject will be enlightening when you see the negative effects of continuous reliance on some of your favorite low budget editables. By the end of the show you will be a master of avoiding undesirable yuck and finding alternatives to your eating habit. Will we make you stop eating 3D Printed Food in favor of home prepared nutritional meals with ten tutorials of wondrous meals? Find out tonight or live the rest of your days as a lowly outsider in the undercity district without a future or a romantic partner, because everyone knows people who eat too much 3D Printed Food is ugly and stupid!

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# CMDR Reputation
2Bare Feet59.396
4Wisewolf of Avalon41.690
5Trinity A. Craft36.613
8Allan Quatermain20.820
10Honest Benjamin17.074

Alliance Challenger2
Alliance Chieftain6
Alliance Crusader1
Asp Explorer56
Beluga Liner16
Cobra Mk III15
Cobra Mk IV4
Diamondback Explorer17
Federal Assault Ship2
Federal Corvette20
Federal Dropship6
Federal Gunship5
Imperial Clipper35
Imperial Courier39
Imperial Cutter46
Imperial Eagle22
Krait Mk II24
Krait Phantom9
Type-10 Defender3
Type-6 Transporter15
Type-7 Transporter11
Type-9 Heavy9
Viper Mk IV4
Latest Site Activities

Allan Quatermain rented Trapeze Island Property
Alcubierre received 8400 diamonds by investing in Life's Rift with a profit of 40%
TTMJ received 7140 diamonds by investing in Emerald Observatory with a profit of 2%
DSK NOVACYGNI received 3000 diamonds by investing in Eatiosa with a profit of 20%
Kabbalah added Krait Mk II to the Shipyard as main ship
Kabbalah joined Prismatic Imperium
TTMJ sold 2 Federal Assault Rifle
ENNDER sold 1 Armored Trench Coat
ENNDER bought 1 Angelic Defense Coat
ENNDER sold 1 Visual Assistant System