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Mission Statement

The Prismatic Imperium (PI) is an Imperial faction aligned with the stated goals of Aisling Duval. PI as a whole stands against slavery and narcotics and ban the trade of such commodities. It calls Cubeo (Cubeo III) its home and controls the system. The primary interest of the PI is to establish Cubeo as a prosperous paradise and a shining example of the ingenuity and generosity of Imperial Society where progressives and traditionalists work in unity for the benefit of all. From successful Community Goals for everyone, to involvement in the Colonia project, to protectorate states. Background Simulation, Trade, Exploration. We run weekly events, a news website and have a deep and developing lore. Roleplay events saw players defeat the evil Overseer of Cubeo Jesse Ladd through in-game actions and out-of-game roleplay.

If you want to be part of our group and wing with our Commanders, join us now by dropping a request in our Discord channel!

Prismatic Imperium has three branches: the Branch of MIND, the Branch of SIGHT and the Branch of VIGOR. PI was founded by CMDR Jeff Ryan, and supported by CMDR Andariel and CMDR Wisewolf of Avalon. Other founding leaders were CMDR UntamedZer0, CMDR LocNor who founded the Imperial Astrographical Society, and CMDR Kevin Massey, the celebrity herald who's responsible for the famous The People's Media.

Latest News from our Discord server

ThumbnailAxton Janel Rodney


Is Foxhouse Labs experimenting with human DNA splicing? On today's show, we're going to present irrefutable truth of the presence of experiments dumped right here in our sewers! Our guests today have seen gator people deep underground, living in the muck. One of them even ate a cat! We're quite sure this is the work of the nefarious Foxhouse Labs and their madhouse experiments! There are fires burning everywhere and people are turning on one another! The collapse of the system order will fall everywhere! Everywhere!

ThumbnailAntony Jakob Birge

::BIRGEBROADCAST:: - Get The Truth

Reyoria Residential is a densely populated residential district for the average imperial citizen. Its exclusive island for the wealthy is undergoing so desired improvements. But improvements cost credits my loyal watchers. By my calculations the district will be suffering -2 to the blue bar of profits and +2 added to the red bar of uncertainty. The bigger the red bar, the bigger your chances of great loss. If you live in Reyoria Residential and you have diamonds, invest anyway. It will probably improve things for the future.

ThumbnailAlicia Mellor

::THE PEOPLE'S MEDIA:: - The Daily Chat

Mercenary group intercepted in the Meene system and Sirius Corporation are revealed to be connected with Sirius Corp’s private fleet. This raises many questions and concerns. Alicia Mellor gives us her take on the story. “We can’t ignore the fact that these mercenaries remind us so much of the terrorist gang that pledged Cubeo in the past. Its leader Spencer Isaak had an interest in alien research and was a counter-espionage agent for Sirius Corp for ten years before going rogue. Could Li Yong-Rui be connected with Spencer Isaak and his attack on Cubeo?” We will continue to follow this story closely as it becomes clear that whatever created Isaak could still be at large in the galaxy, generating more mercenaries just like him.

ThumbnailLord Herald Kevin Massey

::THE PEOPLE'S MEDIA:: - Good Morning Cubeo

The car you drive and the clothes you wear says alot about you. Not everyone can afford a Pluvia Pulse which is exactly why I drive one. You will never see me wearing anything other than custom designed and fashionable clothing by Mia Nguyen. It isn’t easy getting as wealthy or recognizable as I am. Of course I am going to flaunt it. I encourage you to do the same. It is a hard galaxy we live in and we need to communicate to bystanders that we are important.

ThumbnailAxton Janel Rodney


Glue Exports Everywhere!

As the Alliance ramps up production on new ships, glue exports from around the Empire have gone up 400%. Experts believe the sharp increase, while due partially to the increase in ship production, is largely due to the increase in glue inhalation and ingestion. Many experts believe this is due in part to the increase in narcotic chemicals used in glue exports, however, this is still debated. Personally I think they are snorting chemical separators.

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Top 10 Leaderboards

# CMDR Reputation
2Bare Feet59.396
4Wisewolf of Avalon43.312
5Trinity A. Craft36.613
8Allan Quatermain22.768
9Honest Benjamin18.317

Alliance Challenger2
Alliance Chieftain6
Alliance Crusader1
Asp Explorer56
Beluga Liner16
Cobra Mk III15
Cobra Mk IV4
Diamondback Explorer17
Federal Assault Ship2
Federal Corvette20
Federal Dropship6
Federal Gunship5
Imperial Clipper35
Imperial Courier39
Imperial Cutter47
Imperial Eagle22
Krait Mk II24
Krait Phantom10
Type-10 Defender3
Type-6 Transporter15
Type-7 Transporter11
Type-9 Heavy10
Viper Mk IV4
Latest Site Activities

Allan Quatermain received 3392 diamonds by investing in Trapeze Island with a profit of 6%
Wisewolf of Avalon completed commission Criminal Opportunity - Yucan with a success. Rewards: 1 Ship Log Data, 4 Planetary Data, 3 Astronomical Data, 3 Small Fauna Data, 3 Small Flora Data, 2 Light Trench Coat, 2 Standard Polymer Fabric, 5 Modified Security Firmware, 5 Crystal Memory Bank, 1 Rodent Population Regulator, 2 Environmental Layout Scanner, 1 Microbial Containment System, 6 Corrupted Data, 100 reputation. The Yucan Family is satisfied with your efforts to help them destroy a research laboratory. All of the surviving items were transferred to your name without raising an alarm from the Applied Science Initiative. "We trust you will find the items awarded to you adequate for the job. The plasma cannon you gifted us turned the locked doors of the Applied Science Initiative research lab into scraps of metal. And don't worry, those two scientists had it coming. Not a single soul was spared from our extermination and all of their projects were terminated. Some things are best left undiscovered, I am sure you will agree." --Aiden Richmond, Yucan Family
Techeron sold 1 Prototype Sniper Drone
Techeron sold 1 Combat Drone
Techeron bought 1 Prototype Sniper Drone
Techeron bought 1 Combat Drone
Techeron bought 1 Sentry Drone
Techeron bought 1 Camera Drone
Techeron bought 1 Reflective Armor
Techeron bought 1 Zero-G Thrusters