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Mission Statement

The Prismatic Imperium (PI, or PRI - ingame PRIM) is an Imperial faction aligned with the stated goals of Aisling Duval. PI as a whole stands against slavery and narcotics and ban the trade of such commodities. It calls Cubeo (Cubeo III) its home and controls the system. The primary interest of the PI is to establish Cubeo as a prosperous paradise and a shining example of the ingenuity and generosity of Imperial Society where progressives and traditionalists work in unity for the benefit of all. We have players engaging in all kinds of activities, albeit our most defining aspect is our lore and roleplay. Despite RP being completely optional, it makes up a lot of our group and our website features additional opportunities like virtual currencies, markets, and character profiles.

If you want to be part of our group and wing with our commanders, join us now by dropping a request in our Discord channel!

Prismatic Imperium has four branches: the Branch of MIND, the Branch of SIGHT, the Branch of VIGOR, and the Branch of REACH. PI was founded by CMDR Jeff Ryan, and supported by CMDR Andariel and CMDR Wisewolf of Avalon. Other founding leaders were CMDR UntamedZer0, CMDR LocNor who founded the Imperial Astrographical Society, and CMDR Kevin Massey, the celebrity herald who's responsible for the famous The People's Media.

Latest News from our Discord server

ThumbnailMarina Yao

::THE PEOPLE'S MEDIA:: - The Nightly Transit

In my opinion, the Seracia Naberius 3307 is probably the strangest vehicle in the Archangel series. A forced self-driving motorcycle? Who came up with this idea?! The company claims “The interior of the Naberius is ideal for office work during commutes” but I beg to differ. I find the interior cramped and frankly claustrophobic. Now, the Seracia Azazel 3307- there is a vehicle you can do work in! And at only a quarter more in price, I have no idea why anyone would buy the Naberius instead of the Azazel. Frankly, if you are on that much of a budget, I’d buy a Fergus Akira 3305 instead. It isn’t self driving, but at least then you could enjoy your ride.

ThumbnailAlicia Mellor

::THE PEOPLE'S MEDIA:: - The Daily Chat

Did you know that The People’s Media owes its greatness to unpaid interns? In his great benevolence, the Lord Herald takes such excellent care of his employees that they are willing to work without pay or sleep, fueled only by Cubean coffee at Sapphire Commerce Center. Tonight, on The Daily Chat, one of these interns will have an exclusive interview with Alicia Mellor as she applauds the kindness and generosity of the Lord Herald, and the hard work of all those who serve The People’s Media!

ThumbnailSight Journalism Department


Sight’s Tour Guide Advisor: Prooe Flyi QH-X b7-65

Planet A is a 100% metal body orbiting the M-class star at a mere 1.80 light-seconds. The scorched surface is a vivid red-orange, a planet gone entirely to rust, from the combination of high levels of iron and a temperature nearly hot enough to liquefy that iron. The dynamics of this M-dwarf can be seen in unusual detail from the surface; the nearby L-dwarf can be seen to rise, eclipse the M-dwarf, and set in a few hours. Silicate vapour geysers complete the spectacle.

ThumbnailHerald Kevin Massey

::THE PEOPLE'S MEDIA:: - Good Morning Cubeo

Carry on, no matter what happens. Hide your sorrows under a smile and carry on. I tell my listeners this no matter what they are going through. Sometimes the trouble is simple, personal, or maybe they are directly involved in a Civil War. No matter what happens, I tell them to smile and laugh it off. According to TPM Statistics, people find happiness in entertainment. With this I announce that we are creating a new series which is already available for streaming. Let me tell you all about it while I sip my coffee.

ThumbnailAxton Janel Rodney


Deep space mining operations are cruel to humanity. Who do you think operates all those little limpets? They are too small for an adult pilot. That is why mining limpets are operated by small children who work dangerously, collecting little fragments of exploding rocks as they get chipped apart by mining lasers and destructive cosmic charges! How come everyone ignores this little fact? And if you think that is horrible try turning your attention to what happens to these limpets when they run out of hydrogen and burst into little pieces!

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