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Mission Statement

The Prismatic Imperium (PI) is an Imperial faction aligned with the stated goals of Aisling Duval. PI as a whole stands against slavery and narcotics and ban the trade of such commodities. It calls Cubeo (Cubeo III) its home and controls the system. The primary interest of the PI is to establish Cubeo as a prosperous paradise and a shining example of the ingenuity and generosity of Imperial Society where progressives and traditionalists work in unity for the benefit of all. From successful Community Goals for everyone, to involvement in the Colonia project, to protectorate states. Background Simulation, Trade, Exploration. We run weekly events, a news website and have a deep and developing lore. Roleplay events saw players defeat the evil Overseer of Cubeo Jesse Ladd through in-game actions and out-of-game roleplay.

If you want to be part of our group and wing with our Commanders, join us now by dropping a request in our Discord channel!

Prismatic Imperium has three branches: the Branch of MIND, the Branch of SIGHT and the Branch of VIGOR. PI was founded by CMDR Jeff Ryan, and supported by CMDR Andariel and CMDR Wisewolf of Avalon. Other founding leaders were CMDR UntamedZer0, CMDR LocNor who founded the Imperial Astrographical Society, and CMDR Kevin Massey, the celebrity herald who's responsible for the famous The People's Media.

Latest News from our Discord server

ThumbnailAlicia Mellor

::THE PEOPLE'S MEDIA:: - The Daily Chat

Robert Thomas has become a prominent voice on Medupe recently. Information about a Technological Facility secretly installed in precious real estate has created a very heated debate with little or no rebuttal. He states, “One of Cubeo’s senators have acquired the deed to a prime district on our Coriolis. He has surpassed the power consumption threshold by over six hundred percent but our officials are allowing it due to shady dealings. We have a right to protest the development of a facility that is bringing over 35 jobs from outside our population.” He has sparked the formation of a committee that opposes the Technological Facility.

ThumbnailThe Brothers of Forculus

::THE PEOPLE'S MEDIA:: - Forculus Chronometry

The official watch worn by the Lord Herald of the Prismatic Imperium… Forculus Chronometry. I’m Marcus DiPalo, founder of Forculus Chronometry and I want to share with you the luxurious craftsmanship in the best clocks in the galaxy. Our platinum cases are backed with kevlar materials and an indestructible diamond face. The hands on the clock are illuminated projections and can be recolored at will. You can manage your flight logs, contacts, and messages directly from the digital interface. We promise to keep our supply low and prices high so you know you are special when you wear one of our wrist clocks on your arm.

ThumbnailLord Herald Kevin Massey

::THE PEOPLE'S MEDIA:: - Good Morning Cubeo

Good morning friends. I am delighted to be here with you today. The forecast is warm and beautiful. It is a perfect time for the beach, perhaps even a visit at Trapeze Island Resort which I heard has a new attraction. Today I wanted to thank you for being a fan of my returned presence here with The People’s Media for a continuation of our Golden Age I ushered in several years ago. As your Lord Herald I promise to share with you the happiness I found.

ThumbnailAxton Janel Rodney


Assassin in the Midst

Thanks to the intel from high ranking officials within the Prismatic Imperium, we’ve unravelled the plot of the century! Lärare Rupey Bear has been seen casing locations where the aristocracy of Cubeo is known to gather, watching them closely for what can only be an assassination plot! We’ll have more of our explosive, ground-breaking interview with our hidden source, here with Axton Janel Rodney, bringing real news to your corner of the galaxy.

ThumbnailAntony Jakob Birge

::BIRGEBROADCAST:: - Get The Truth

I was taking a stroll in Eatiosa yesterday when I decided to stop in one of the art museums. Viewers, let me ask you a question. Am I the only person in the galaxy with literally zero appreciation of art? I don’t understand what the fuss is about these renderings and sculpts of this and that. Ultra post-post reiterate-modernism, Classical reinterpretation-realism, dadaism-futurism of post-post-impressionism? Sounds like the board of least creative people in the galaxy smashed garbage together. I think I prefer the real world, thank you very much.

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