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NPC Poacher
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Roleplay Gear

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Crystal Memory Bank
This high-tech device is capable of storing a Exabyte of encrypted data making it an ideal way to transport secure information outside of your ship. Missions requiring data delivery in person will require a memory storage device of some kind so it is a good idea to keep at least one on hand.

[Memory Banks are required for storing data packages which can be delivered to a mission provider. It can be exchanged with a Used Memory Bank if there is data on it that is worth selling or delivering.]
x 500 (100%)


The Great Valley of Evermore attracts lawless criminals within the Cubeo system hoping to take advantage of the chaos of war. Poachers capture or kill the exotic animals found on Earth-Like Worlds for distribution on the black markets. While Cubeo III does not have indigenous life prior to Terraformation Stage 2, it is an excellent hunting ground for a wide range of imported wildlife.

Narrative Script


"I heard we're gonna bag some rare beasts today. Big credits coming our way!"

"Man, this savannah's hot as hell. I could use a cold drink."

"You see that pilot earlier? Their ship was a real beauty. Almost tempted to steal it!"

"I'm telling you, that last haul was legendary. We'll be sippin' on the finest spirits for weeks!"

"Join the camp he said. It'll be fun he said. Been eating sand shrimp for days!"

"Ugh, hate these bugs buzzing around. Makes it hard to focus on the lookout."

"You know, I miss the city sometimes. Ain't nothin' like a night out with the girls."

"Data courier, now that's a real job. All I gotta do is clean the records off that ship."

"Catch a tiger by it's toe. I'll show them a tiger up close."

"Last night's raid was a thrill. Wish every day was that exciting!"

"You think we'll ever get promoted to the Black Briars? Those guys are more machine than human."

"I've been hearing rumors about strange sightings in this area. Wonder what's out there."

"That new recruit better not mess up like last time. We can't afford any slip-ups."

"Anybody got spare nanobrews? I ran out, and this thirst ain't gonna quench itself."

"I swear, if those CMDRs come snooping around here, we'll teach 'em a lesson!"

"This place gives me the creeps sometimes. Feels like we're being watched."

"I've seen some wild stuff in my time, but this gig takes the cake. We're livin' the dream!"

"Boss said we might get a bonus if we haul in some rare creatures. I'm all in for that."

"Who's on cook duty tonight? I'm starving, and I'm not eating that printed stuff again."

"Hey, did anyone ever find out what happened to the last patrol that went missing?"


"In the starlight's gleam, we scheme and dream, our fortunes in the sky. A life of chase, in hyperspace, where danger's never shy."

"From station to star, we roam so far, in ships of gleaming steel. No law to bind, just stars to find, a lawless cosmic deal."

"Oh, the void so wide, where secrets hide, a pirate's life we know. With lasers bright, we claim our right, to riches as we go."

"In shadows deep, our secrets keep, the galaxy our domain. We laugh and boast, for we're the most, the universe our reign."

"With stolen gold, our stories bold, we sail the cosmic sea. A merry band, across the sand, where danger's our decree."

"Through asteroid rings, our fortune sings, as pirates wild and free. No law we heed, just want and greed, in space's majesty."

"From planet's core to distant shore, our ships sail through the night. In stolen craft, we'll make them laugh, as we plunder with delight."

"Among the stars, we bear our scars, a life of endless chase. No rule or law, just freedom raw, as space's renegades."

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