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Lost CMDR Hadrian Augustus Duval
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Hadrian Augustus Duval#8306


Roleplay Gear

Gear is currently unlocked

Supratech Nini 340 Wetdrive
This small implant is a neural augmentation computer that assists the brain. It can be discreet or obvious based on the interests of the user. Depending on the program disks installed it can perform a wide range of functions. This model has one general slot which can be filled with any N.A.P.

Program Slots: 1
Dedicated Utility Slots: 0
šŸ’€ [Do not mix manufactures in program slots or brain injury may occur.]
x 8,000 (100%)
Forculus NDA-44
Light Thermal Weapon
+ Damage
Smugglers in the Forculus system made this battery operated weapon popular due to the fact that it is almost too small to hold making it easy to smuggle into places that prohibit weapons. It is commonly used to kill bounty hunters under the table. It can fire quickly and never needs to reload, but it does low damage.
x 600 (100%)
Bedazzling Formal Suit
Utility Slots: 3
This attire is a highly decorative fashion statement for formal parties and celebrities. It provides low defense and high style. It can be worn in conjunction with armor modifiers. It is popular among nobility and celebrities.
x 7,000 (100%)
Diamond Ring Memory Bank
This large diamond can hold a Terabyte of data beamed into its structure. While not secure, the ring can easily avoid detection during espionage missions. The largest drawback of this style of memory storage is that data cannot be edited, only deleted.

[Memory Banks are required for storing data packages which can be delivered to a mission provider. It can be exchanged with a Used Memory Bank if there is data on it that is worth selling or delivering.]
x 800 (100%)
Forculus Chronometry Wrist Clock
Fabricated by the Forculus Brothers on Irrational Exuberance in the Forculus System, this highly luxurious time piece is designed specifically for classy individuals from the Federation of Independent Pilots. They are intentionally rare to protect their value while knockoff versions are more common. Some designs are susceptible to gravitational fluctuation but this model only simulates traditional function with clockwork. The display itself is holographic. Supporters of the product may get a significant boon to relations with its maker.
x 2,000 (100%)
Simulation Clone Drive
Herculean Machines created this small structure for Utopian consumption. It stores several Petabytes worth of data which includes a life-like Holo-Me with 1:1 muscle and sensory simulation as well as all gear currently equipped with the exception of anything worn on the back.

[This drive requires the Holo-Haptic Avatar Gear equipped before it will virtually clone your gear for simulation use. It must be equipped in the simulation as well.]
x 300 (100%)
Holo-Haptic Avatar Gear
Classified as an armor modifier, this highly advanced device connects with smart clothing to bring you the most immersive experience in holo-simulations. Developed by Conway Holo Productions you can expect quality haptic feedback, motion capture, temperature regulation, and biometry systems. Typically too advanced for civilian use, the user may forget that they are in a virtual world as the avatar gear connects the senses to the simulation flawlessly.
šŸ’€ [Must have equipped for simulations]
x 500 (100%)
Hacking System
Cores Processors: 5 [d20s]

This computer grants the tools for hacking devices when plugged in. Devices include doors to security networks up to security level 5. It can be worn in conjunction with any clothing or accessories. When paired with someone using a hacking extender, it can hack anything they point at.

[1-Doors] [2-Surveillance]
[3-Defense Systems] [4-Turret Grids]
x 4,560 (95%)
ā§‰ Evans Computation: Luck
+5 to Luck
Intended to adjust the way you value statistical chances and risk, Evans Computation has created a wet drive program that will improve your luck. This will aid you in gambling and combat as you will think with a tactically sharpened mind. It is only compatible with other Evans Computation programs.

[Requires a wet drive slot be installed on the user]
x 5,000 (100%)
Tactical Knife
Light Kinetic Weapon
+ Damage
For when you need to look into your enemy's eyes (really closely) when you kill them, this knife is equipped with a heavy duty scope, flashlight/laser sight, and a mini-suppressor system hidden in the hilt. Utilized by Spencer Isaak and his elite squad, this kit was handy for modifying standard weapons into tactical variants while in the field.
x 5,000 (100%)
Ultra Directional Burst Shield
Heavy Thermal Defense
++++ Defense
The ultimate defense for a combatant under heavy fire, this shield deploys from the wrist to protect the wearer from heavy attacks for a large number of hits. The projection has a bi-weave pattern and curves around the peripherals of the user. Using disposable cell banks to activate at will, it can be recharged quickly using a suit stored Shield Cell Bank from a SCB utility or tripled in power by a shield booster. It is vulnerable to EMP attacks.
x 15,000 (100%)
Stealth Boots
Classified as an armor modifier, this equipment muffles sounds caused from movement over a variety of terrain thanks to the work of computer regulated gel pads. While making the user silent it gives no armor benefits.
x 1,500 (100%)
CryoMed Health Kit
This kit contains cutting edge medical technology for stabilizing critical injuries in the field. When used the injured person will be able to resume a mission so long as no further critical injuries are sustained.

[This item is used to heal critical injuries. Disposable items are consumed after a single use.]
x 100 (100%)
Environmental Layout Scanner
Open [NOTES] for instructions on use.

Installed in a utility slot, this small device will map out landscapes and structures and store the information in a memory device. It can allow the user to see building layouts during combat missions and occasionally give an explorer valuable insight to the environment. It will not detect people or animals.
x 500 (100%)
  • Note




This individual was known as a fake among the members of the Prismatic Imperium. In his delusions Hadrian did everything he could to imitate the real Hadrian Augustus Duval, going so far as to create a faction of fanatics that would do anything in their power to gain undeserved fame and recognition from others. He was eventually forced out of Prismatic Imperium space for attempting to coerce loyal PI members to join the cult, as well as multiple accounts of harassment and being a creep.

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