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NPC Helman Bathory
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The Sunless Gambit is a subfraction which formed in the terraforming tunnels of the Branch of Sight. Surrounded by mud, stones, steel and no daylight, their members started to become ruthless yet skilled actors, among non-members they act properly to the behaviour standards which are common among students and workers underground.

Led by Helman Bathery, a miner for the deep core mining-operation on Cubeo 3, a ruthless yet understanding man. Called insane by many, feared yet loved by his followers. Indoctrinating weaker minds of the people of Cubeo, starting many protests against the Branch of Sight and their mining operations. Because of his work in the DCM-Operation (Deep Core Mining) he values hard and honest work, but he also knows how to put sly rats to use, to get information he needs against his opponents.

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