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Allied CMDR Draxx Darkstar
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Cmdr Draxx Darkstar

Born into a moderately wealthy family that owned a modest mining operation in Federation Space, Draxx learned to pilot a ship at a young age. His parent's company discovered a huge source of void opals using new technology that was still in its early stages. When news of the discovery spread several larger Federation corporations tried to buy the rights to his parent's company. All offers were rebuffed by his father who had dreamed of owning his own successful mining company since he was a boy riding along with his father Head Prospector Darkstar. Undeterred one or some of the Federal Corporations sought to sabotage the family mining operation leaving Draxx's father bankrupt and with no choice but to sell the rights to the asteroids. Plagued by an endless stream of impossible "accidents" the family sought help from the Federal Authorities. Unfortunately greed and corruption would prevent them from doing anything to help Draxx's family. The mysterious mechanical malfunctions and failures continued, killing several workers. When one such "accident" killed his parents Draxx's uncle sent him to join a Federal Academy under a new name in the event the corporations thought his claim to his inheritance was a risk they could not take. He learned to pilot larger ships and even a few combat maneuvers in fighters at the academy and upon his graduation began to make a name for himself as a trustworthy pilot capable of retrieving and transporting valuable cargo. His big break finally came when he learned of a lucrative job transporting tourists in a wealthy system. Draxx bought a Dolphin, the first ship he fully owned himself, and never looked back. Today he commands a fleet of well equipped vehicles which he uses to shine a light on the corruption of the Federation and break their hold on the galaxy.

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