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Name: Kiyoro Ssyn Age: 29 Birthplanet: ? Motto: I love the Princess!

Nowadays CMDR Ssyn is a high ranking employee of the company called Ssyn Industries, that was set up by his multi billionaire parents before he was born. Originally it focused on acquiring vast amounts of wealth, but its goal changed when their son was interdicted by a strange unknown vessel, that would later become known as "Thargoid".

Ssyn requested effective leadership of a part of the company and an increase in its funding to research the alien threat. Ssyn Industries would have a new subsidiary called Ssyn ART(Alien Response Taskforce) and its goals would be defined as to prepare for any alien threat in any way.

The first act of the new company would be to set up offices on Cubeo 3 and Medupe Station, after which it would set up a mobile platform in the form of the PNV Artemis. Its first succes came when it was hired for a long-lasting assignment to prepare Prisma Renata in the Aurora Astrum system for habitation by possible refugees following a Thargoid invasion. CMDR Ssyn currently personally oversees the efforts in Prisma Renata.

Ssyn ART has 145 proud employees, that are working in the offices on Cubeo 3, Medupe Station and on board of the designated mobile platform; the PNV Artemis. It is divided in a few divisions such as Ssyn Finance, Ssyn Printing, Ssyn Real Estate, Ssyn Research and Ssyn Power Projection.

Locations: Cubeo 3 For his 28th birthday, Ssyn acquired a piece of uninhabitable marshland in the ocean of the southern hemisphere of Cubeo 3. Although it wasn't a cheap acquisition to begin with, it has been a constant black hole of funding as it is being terraformed into a lush island. However, to hasten the progression to the habilibility of the island, an office was built, to house a contingency of the employees of Ssyn ART.

Medupe Station There is a small office on Medupe Station that functions as way to conduct official business on behalf of Ssyn ART but also on CMDR Ssyn's personal behalf, regarding his duties as a Senator of the Prismatic Imperium

PNV Artemis The PNV Artemis is not just any Imperial Cutter. It is designed as a mobile platform from which to do business, bask in comfort and be prepared for any conflict or situation. It can boast about having Imperial shields, signed by the Princess herself. It hosts a crew of 24 enthousiastic and committed crewmembers.

Prisma Renata Ssyn ART also has an office in Prisma Renata ever since it took control of the effort to take back the station for the Colonists of Aurora. A permanent contingency of, very well paid, employees keeps an eye on the developments in the region.

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