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Originally founded by Cubeo's Patron's Principles. Home to the Prismatic Palace. A six story megastructure makes up the foundation of the city as it is now. Later became the seat of power for the Prismatic Imperium. The city is broken into 34 primary districts (that are known in central Capital City) which can each be invested in through the Diamond Market.

One does not simply walk from one building to another building by stepping outside the front door and walking along the sidewalk to the next building.

Cubeo III's Capital City is in a humid area inspired by Florida, USA. Basically, it rains almost daily, a warm rain that generally falls in the afternoon or evening, even if only for a few minutes at a time. It is common that people would get to their office building via subway train and exit the station in a "basement" level of their work, assuming they work in a tower that protrudes from the megastructure.

Most of Capital City is a six floor mega structure. The area rains and floods so often that the ground level is a facade. Most of the traffic and city infrastructure is hidden under this facade.

Because of this, most of the surface is covered in parks and skyscrapers.

Map of Capital City

Primary Capital City Districts

These are the known districts in central Capital City that can be invested in.


Aamofsa is a community dominated by university students attending Emerald Observatory. The location consists of large apartment structures, commercial services, and recreational parks. Most transportation systems are layered under the surface but there are several monorail lines that connect this district to Emerald Observatory so that students can easily get to class from their dorms.

Mumore Residential

Mumore Residential is a high density residential district with large state apartments, parks, plazas, and two rivers dividing it from neighboring districts to the east and west. The entire district has private security. Most of the traffic system is subsurface with the exception of several bridges over the deep rivers. This area is very attractive to the wealthy and is the closest you can get to having a private estate in a dense urban setting. Parks and monuments draw heavy tourism to the area.


Rowell is a well populated housing district between two rivers that flow into the East Lake. Most of the housing consists of large apartment blocks but there are many wealthy estates along the Gleaming Shallows. Other features are a few attractions and a large aquarium built at the Lord Herald's request. Most of the large structures in this district are tiered in a way to give most penthouse tenets access to a private swimming pool on their rooftops.


Jukhand is a large park connecting to Ciphoit Medical. It has a massive boarding center for the poor, winding wildlife trails, and a natural lake. There is a low density of large estates dotting the park and very limited transportation systems as most of the park is offset from the subsurface mega-structure the city is built on. The area has a large memorial ground for deceased citizens, many of which are buried here.


Zreaglares is a historic shopping district just north of the Prismatic Palace. Subsurface infrastructure connects the district directly to Mevlane Starport. It has access to both Crystal Lake and the North Lake. It features a grand mall recessed into the mega-structure as well as some parks and high volume traffic systems. The buildings in this district are tall and covered in holograms and lights which awes tourists. Several TPM Airships continuously broadcast music and adverts for the Lord Herald.

Draron Qebridge

Draron Qebridge is a large and densely populated residential area with a compliment of parks and ponds and limited access to a river. Most of the transportation systems are subsurface with the exception of the inter-district elevated system flowing into Bona. The area also has a dense population in the subsurface levels. Housing in this area is more affordable which gives rise to the urban density, but government programs keep the district clean and presentable.

Reyoria Residential

Reyoria a densely populated residential district for the average Imperial Citizen. The area shares a boarder with the East Lake and has capitalized on this with an exclusive island for the wealthy. It also boarders a river flowing to the Zespea Sea and a resort at the river's head. There are many parks and lakes. The subsurface areas in this district have some of the largest homeless communities making cities in the massive storm drains and ventilation tunnels.

Raven Square

Raven Square is famous for the biggest feature, a large tower operated by CMDRs. It is in close proximity to Crystal Lake and Mevlane Starport. Several parks dot the district around the tower and commercial offices hold the Builder's Skill Society. These offices were made famous after surviving a FDL crash down the middle of them. The entire district is part of the mega-structure that the buildings are constructed upon. This structure hides all of the traffic and water flows to make room for parks and plazas.

Ciphoit Medical

Ciphoit Medical is the largest medical center in Capital City offering a wide range of services. It consists of the center itself as well as large parks, housing, and an effective subsurface transportation network. The mirrored architecture of Ciphoit is considered a city treasure and boarders two low density districts declared as city parks. Ciphoit boasts the best surgery center in Cubeo. Its doctors are rivaled only by those in Chelomey Orbital and Medupe City, both being space stations.


Cront is a dense residential district with commercial services and access to waterways. It is dominated by wealthy citizens wishing to live close to the palace grounds. Much of the commuter systems are subsurface with the exception of river crossings. Key features include a private marina, yacht club, and a boarder with the attractive Sloni Fortress. The streets are small to make room for the estates, most of which have luxurious swimming pools that cost more than your average dwelling.


Icruesea is a large stretch of land that boarders the Prismatic Palace in the northern estates and the Prismatic Green in the southern businesses. It features several massive parks, golf courses both indoor and outdoor, and part of the Sloni Fortress converted into a museum. Icruesea has access to the East Lake with several marinas and commercial docks. Typically people who live here also own a yacht in the marina or a space vessel at the starport. Future residents are interviewed by their neighbors.

Ogiukurg Mall

Ogiukurg Mall features the largest subsurface mall with an open sky in all of Capital City. It shares traffic systems with Isroubus, particularly parking space. It also houses a large art gallery island on the West Lake which is a Capital City treasure. The area also has many parks and lakes and a dense boardwalk. This is a commercial district for high spenders. The thin skyscrapers in the middle of the district serve as headquarters for several Imperial Companies with CEO offices facing the river.


Rhombus is dominated by commercial headquarters and offices. Its largest features is the Capital City Conference Center and the recessed Commerce Plaza. It is connected directly to the Sapphire Commerce Center by parks and subsurface traffic systems. Some of the towers in the district are nearly tall enough to compete with the mega-structure crown at the Prismatic Palace. The north-west area of the district resembles a diamond on a top down map but the buildings are of various heights.


Ryan is a fortress connected directly to the Prismatic Palace. Tanks. fighter wings, and soldiers are stored here in defense of the controlling government. The area prohibits unauthorized traffic but can be spectated from afar. It is a primary entrance point to the Palace from the subsurface transportation network where visitors and employees are properly vetted. In times of war, Ryan would house the intelligence service making strategic decisions. It was formally known as Reginald Fortress.


Horia is a pleasure district for the wealthy. It consists of clubs, manors, and a marina. It has access to the West Lake and the Crystal Lake. Opera district is just west while Vreemane is directly east. It is home to the Noble Imperial Society. This entire district was constructed above water making it an artificial landmass. That of course would be a facade as the surface is actually atop a six story structure that hides away avenues and parking garages.


Eatiosa is a pleasure district for the wealthy. The district consists of clubs, brothels, palatial estates, and casinos. It has direct access to both the West Lake and the Crystal Lake. Emerald Observatory sits just north while the Opera district is directly south. A single bridge gives direct access to Vreemane. Half of this district was build directly over water making it a technological marvel. The palatial estates are very large and reserved for the most wealthy of nobles who love city life.


Eqimore is a rich commercial district built on the Palace Lake giving it a direct view of the Palace Green. The area features restaurants, marinas, a theme park, and an island mall. It also has direct access to one of the rivers from East Lake. Most traffic is directed subsurface in favor of parks and plazas for pedestrians. The biggest attraction is the theme park that faces the island mall. This water way is populated with tourist ships and ferries as well as the occasional private yacht.


Isroubus is a prominent commercial district on the West Lake and a view of the Palace Green to the east. It boasts the largest marina in Capital City as well as a large area dedicated to an outdoor market. All transportation systems are either recessed into the ground or hidden from view entirely with only a few exceptions. It also has a boardwalk that connects with Eqimore. The buildings facing the Palace Lake are filled with classy restaurants and tourist attractions taking advantage of the view.


Ruophaco is a dense commercial district with many subsurface warehouses to supply the city as shipments arrive from Liberation Point. The infrastructure flows naturally into Bona and three rivers connecting East Lake to Zespea Sea travel over the district's mega-structure. There are several recessed shopping malls in the north and parks in the south. The rivers are lined with corporation headquarters and tall office buildings, especially near the southern end.


Vreemane is a wealthy commercial district that boarders the Prismatic Palace creating a striking view in the east. Crystal Lake sits on the west and the West Lake to the South. The district features a very large park and a tunnel passage for boats connecting the two lakes. The area is dominated with lakeside restaurants and retail stores. The south end of the district has sky piercing towers overlooking the waters and grasses. The passage to Crystal Lake is full of culture and music, romantic for many.


Sloni is a fortress protecting the Prismatic Palace from attacks from the east. It supports a wide range of water craft for lake patrols in addition to wing squadrons and soldiers. The area prohibits unauthorized traffic but has surrendered half of the fortress to Icruesea for civilian use. Sloni is a historical monument and attractive for tourism. The Icruesea side is also maintained as together the fortress defends a military bay that reaches the base of the Prismatic Palace.

Trapeze Island

Trapeze Island is a private resort that provides the galaxy with a sample of the most luxurious life Cubeo has to offer. It sits in the Zespea Sea and features a small starport, a tall hotel tower, and a shallow bay for recreational activities. The surrounding sea is generally calm, fresh water, and teeming with vibrant aquatic life. Transportation to the island is restricted to air and water as there are no subsurface networks to the mainland. This is a high traffic tourist site with superb defenses.

Liberation Point

Liberation Point is dedicated to Princess Aisling Duval's ideals and is named after her dedication to the liberation of Imperial Slaves. The starport is the largest in Capital City and provides direct access to Ruophaco and Sapphire Commerce Center. It provides services to both passengers and cargo shipments with a supporting distribution network below the surface. This area is always busy with vessels coming and going. It has a continuous bus system to Chelomey Orbital.

Prismatic Palace

Prismatic Palace is the crown of the Mega-Structure, elevating up higher than the rest of Capital City. The palace shimmers with cyan light in the nighttime. As the governing house of the Cubeo System, traffic is highly regulated with housing in the district reserved for Senators and Commanders. It features private lakes, parks, and a plaza leading into the Palace Green. The front entrance is adorned with a pair of 300 meter statues of Emperors of the past as well as many smaller Cubeo kings.

Melvane Starport

Mevlane Starport is a historical location boardering Zreaglares to the east and Emerald Observatory to the west. It is the starport for the most wealthy and was built at the same time as the Prismatic Palace. It features subsurface traffic systems and flows directly into the mall walks that span from the district to the palace beyond. Because of its historical significance, the surface buildings here are slow to upgrade. The towers on the east side were reconstructed after the Void War.

Palace Green

Palace Green has been largely reconstructed following the Void War and now includes a crater lake memorial to all who were lost. The area is dominated with parks and parade streets as well as many tourist attractions. Key features include the Palace Mall and the Cubeo Museum. The Prismatic Palace is the focus point as most of the structures above the mega-structure do not have high towers. The crater in the middle was formed by an orbital bombardment from the INV Victorious.

Amber Tower

Amber Tower is the Aurora Wing Headquarters on Cubeo. It is a large structure that towers over the joining rivers that flow from the East Lake to the Zespea Sea. The HQ is regarded as a city treasure but it restricts tourists from leaving the waterways or approaching on foot. While the Amber Tower does not represent one of the branches of the Prismatic Imperium, its prominence is just as imposing as the other headquarters. It makes up for its smaller lot by being much taller in the sky.


Bona is considered the largest commercial area in Capital City. It has direct access to the East Lake thanks to a high traffic river. Most of the transportation systems are under the surface but there are several inter-district roads elevated over the buildings as well. District offers several malls as well. The buildings here are very dense with towers reaching high into the sky. The verticality is spectacular with elevated streets passing under and below sky bridges.


Opera is home to the famous Opera House of Capital City making it a monument for the Cubeo system. A majority of the district is dedicated to the Opera House and affiliated businesses. It also features several estates for the upper echelons of imperial aristocracy with docks for both West Lake and Crystal Lake. The district has a neat swirl to it that redirects the wind toward the water. Many of the buildings are designed to take advantage of this wind, creating music with the natural element.

Ruby Citadel

Ruby Citadel is a military base and the headquarters for the Branch of VIGOR. The district features a large rounded command center and adequate housing for active personnel. The areas around the central structures are covered in parks which hide the subsurface network of hangers and transportation systems. A large surface lot is filled with Vigor Trucks while subsurface depots hide platoons of drones. There are also hundreds of ships stored here.

Life's Rift

Life's Rift is a bio-engineering corporation that specializes in creation orders for genetically crafted flora and fauna. The district itself features a massive series of towers and subsurface laboratories as well as some parks. The main entrance is positioned near the river connecting East Lake and Zespea Sea which bottlenecks traffic underground for proper screening. It attracts a great number of tourists with its public attractions and genetic zoo. The towers glow with vibrant light in the night.

Emerald Observatory

Emerald Observatory is the largest public university in Cubeo and is one of the most prestigious institutions in the Empire making it nearly rival Emperor's Chosen University. It serves as the headquarters for the Branch of Sight. Most of the transportation system is on the surface. District also includes residential, commercial, and tourist attractions. Most of the campus is contained within three enormous buildings that stand 30 floors above the surface and 10 more below. Visitors can get lost.

Sapphire Commerce Center

Sapphire Commerce Center is the economic heart of the Cubeo System. It serves as the Headquarters for the Branch of Mind. A grand park separates the center from the rest of the commercial districts which hides a network of subsurface infrastructure. The Commercial Well and Pit of Bureaucracy are great tourist attractions. There is just as much structure below the surface of the mega structure as there is above it making it rival Emerald Observatory in size.

The People's Media

The People's Media is a mega-media fortress responsible for 92% of Aisling Media creation. It is largely independent as a community due to self generation of utilities and a private starport. It has its own subsurface mega-structure disconnected from Capital City. The district is surrounded by parks and dense swampland and boarders the Zespea Sea with a private marina. The district itself has two massive towers and a mega auditorium for the largest concerts or talk shows.