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The Peoples Media Offices

Reporting on events both related to the Imperium and the wider Empire and beyond!

The People's Media is a government controlled Mega-Media Center directing all aspects of culture, recreation, entertainment, and news. Its programs include fashion tailoring, park creation, city beautification, and Imperial-centered art. The People's Media contributes over 92% of Aisling Media Materials distributed across all systems supporting Aisling Duval's policies. TPM operates under the Branch of Mind.

District News and Developement Timeline

District Map
Date Events and News
Lights! Camera! Money! A substantial investment has been received here at The People’s Media, and, after some long chats with the budget planners and accountants, it has been determined that the money will go to a new cafe for employees! This is all part of the plan for a cafe on every floor, each offering a different type of tea and coffee! The possibilities will eventually be endless!
The TPM employee cafe has been completed! With left-over funds and an additional investment, we’ve decided to stock it with gourmet food and ingredients! I’ve had a chat with several staff members and they are all excited to try the new offerings for employees here. The People’s Media is a lovely place to work at! And don’t just take my word for it, ask any of the employees here!
A new investment into The People’s Media has been announced as plans to add additional security measures have been unveiled. In addition to the increased security, I am pleased to personally announce that reporters will be equipped with new and improved camera drones! Be on the lookout for a reporter near you!
The campus of The People’s Media is receiving some additional decor updates thanks to new budget allocations and investments. Expect to see some new shining lights and repaved paths in the coming week! I personally spent some time putting up new paintings from a few colleagues of mine, we hope visitors and employees alike enjoy the new decor!
We have received another investment boost here at The People’s Media, and I’m here to tell you that the funds will be allocated to “Lights! Camera! Coffee!”, as new menus have been developed, specially created for recruits! The new array of snacks and coffee options are highly anticipated as surveys went around to be filled out by the fresh new employees. We hope they enjoy the new offerings once all is said and done!
Employees of The People’s Media will be pleased to hear that the bathrooms of various floors have been remodeled to fit the whims of the Lord Herald. It seems that the theme this time is “Smart and Fancy”, whatever that is intended to mean, the colors are surely something to behold.
A new wave of decorations hits the TPM garden! Where is the garden? Well you’ll have to work for The People’s Media to find out, but let me tell you it’s beautiful! New floral arrangements as well as new banners and even new sculptures have all been procured to make the garden a great place for TPM employees to relax and for interns to watch them relax! We hope this talk of the Secret Garden ™ encourages people to apply for an internship or employment today!
Did you know The People’s Media primary concourse has a secret Lily Latte Lounge? If you didn’t, now you do! Will you ever see it? Absolutely not! Not unless you apply for an internship! Internship applications are being made available around Capital City as students end their studies for an interim break. Funds are being allocated for a big swing marketing campaign to drum up some activity and let me tell you, I’m excited to see the results! Stop by the TPM front lawn for this week’s career fair for more details!
New investment has made its way to The People’s Media, and this allotment will be focused on improving the windows. Yes you heard correctly, the windows! New Prism-Plated filaments will be installed over every window possible along the TPM tower! Complete with the spectacle lights, our building will assuredly be the most colorful thing in the Capital City night! We also encourage patrons to take pictures and submit them for our yearly embellishment of our campus!