Draron Qebridge

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Draron Qebridge

Draron Qebridge is a district of Capital City. It is is a large and densely populated residential area with a compliment of parks and ponds and limited access to a river. Most of the transportation systems are subsurface with the exception of the inter-district elevated system flowing into Bona. The area also has a dense population in the subsurface levels. Housing in this area is more affordable which gives rise to the urban density, but government programs keep the district clean and presentable.

District News and Development Timeline

Date Events and News
The district of Draron Qebridge has recently received an investment boost, which after some lengthy debates, have been budgeted for improvements of the district’s portion of the undercity. It’s no secret that housing in Capital City’s underside is subpar, and there seems to be efforts to improve it! This is quite exciting as it will improve the quality of life of citizens who live there!
The undercity housing project continues in the district of Draron Qebridge! As additional investments flow in, the building continues! With new plans for citizen amenities as well as new undercity pathways! We will keep you updated as this project continues!
The “Undercity Utopia" project continues as money pours in to fund better living for those residing in the Draron Qebridge undercity. Once the pathways were complete, next steps were to improve the potable water situation that has seemingly plagued residents for years. With new sources of clean and fresh water, and new flow pipes being installed. Residents here can finally enjoy actual water instead of whatever was being passed off as water before!