Sapphire Commerce Center

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District Map

The Sapphire Commerce Center is a district of Capital City. It is the economic heart of the Cubeo System. It serves as the Headquarters for the Branch of Mind. A grand park separates the center from the rest of the commercial districts which hides a network of subsurface infrastructure. The Commercial Well and Pit of Bureaucracy are great tourist attractions. There is just as much structure below the surface of the mega structure as there is above it making it rival Emerald Observatory in size.

District News and Development Timeline

Date Events and News
A recent influx of money has made its way to the Sapphire Commerce Center in the form of hefty investments. The Sapphire Planning Committee has decided to push this money into improving the Commerce Center’s park proper. Gone will be the dark and dreary trees that dot the illustrious campus, and in will be the lush new evergreens, complete with activities for employees to enjoy, as well as citizens with the proper permits. We anticipate these improvements to begin within the week.
The finance employees of the Branch of Mind will be pleased to hear that recent investment distributions will be channeled into the budget in the form of a fiscal year pay raise! It’s expected that this pay increase will be permanent.
It has been reported that investment funds once again reach the Sapphire Commerce Center. This time around they are reportedly being funneled into substructure maintenance! The commercial heart has never looked so good!
Have you noticed the new additions around the Commercial Well? If you haven’t, spend some time and take a look! Patrons all around the city have been browsing around the newest shoppes in this section of the Commerce Center. New decor and enhanced ambiance have been noted as well, giving shoppers and tourists alike something wonderful to see as they arrive. The Branch of Mind hopes you have a pleasant visit the next time you find yourself at the Sapphire Commerce Center!
The public transit system connecting the Sapphire Commerce Center and Isroubus is receiving some tech upgrades according to sources close to the matter. Equipment has been purchased from Nisara Multitech to help improve transit flow and scheduling for patrons and employees of the Commerce Center. This project is expected to take a couple of weeks so anticipate delays on your commute!
Expansion of the transit system in the Sapphire Commerce Center has continued as a corridor has been constructed into Equimore. With improvements being made and citizens in mind, commute times are expected to be cut even shorter once this section of the project is complete.
Expansion of the Sapphire Commerce Center Hyper-Transit System continues as a new extension is being built into the district of Ruophaco! Employees and patrons of the commerce center have expressed their excitement as this will open up more opportunities for jobs, and lunch break options! Ruophaco, while it’s known as a commercial district, is home to many delicious small restaurants that are not easily accessible by car. Construction is expected to near completion by the end of next week!
The Sapphire Commerce Center has a new water feature! Located in the Commerce Center’s primary lawn, this grand fountain and pond features routinely changed seasonal floral arrangements as well as crystal clear water with distinguishing colors! This vibrant display is sure to impress the most noble of souls.