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CMDR Rardann
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CPT Rardann#0389


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Born in year 3280, Sol: Earth->Europe. Rardann was the member of a small trader family. His father was a popular, fair and honest trader. They had a small buisness, as the father always wanted, but his son wanted to explore Sol, and even further, visit colonies far away. At the age of 18, Rardann took a leap of faith, investing into a Cargo ship and started to trade within the Sol System. After a 2 years he had a good reputation and income as he was trading in nearby systems. He even gave up on his dream to travel beyond Federation space and instead, he was helping his parents. However, one day pirates interdicted his ship, but he managed to escape with his damaged ship. After he reported the incident the security forces did nothing. Soon he heard other pilots got interdicted and threatened, if they don't pay, they die. Weeks have passed and the incidents became worse. He could not stand it, he hired a few mercenaires and went after the pirate gang, even a few trader joined them with their modified ships. Their hideout was indeed near a very famous trade rout. he tried one last time, and called the security, but only deaf ears he found. The fight was intense and almost everyone died there. The pirates were gone, the remaining mercenaries got their money and left. The traders did not survive, he knew a few of them, almost friends. Now they are dead, dead because the Federation did not care. At the hideout he found evidence of security forces being involved in these hideuos attacks. Filled with anger and sorrow, he did not even bother to report what he found. Why should he, he would be a target, and maybe dead by tomorrow. So he loaded his ship with his belongings, with a heavy heart he said farewell to his parents, promised to send them letters whereever he ends up and gave them most of the money he made with the trades. What can he do? He can't live with the Federation, not when things like this can happen. So he went to an independent colony, Ross 720-1, and started a new shop there. after 3 years, he barely made profit, it was enough to surive, but that's not what he wanted. One day he heard about the Princess of people, Lady Asiling Duval, and about her "New Empire" politics. He thought, the Empire might be even worse than the Federation, but he has to see it for himself. After a trip to Cubeo, he was amazed by the people and the Princess was even better than he heard. When he came back to his shop in Ross 720, he sold it, bought a T7, and traveled to the edge of Imperial space, Soon he was part of a better, friendlier community and he has submitted his application to the Prismatic Imperium. What comes next? No one knows for sure, but it'll be a great adventure....

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