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Allied CMDR Bluee
37,176   369,720


Ruby Granduke

Roleplay Gear

Gear is currently unlocked

Forculus HoloCard
For the odd individual with an appreciation of the simple things, or perhaps a sense of humor, the HoloCard will surprise your friends with 3D projected confetti, music, and a video recording from you! The card itself is only a few inches wide and celebrates the otherwise uninteresting Forculus system with an animated image of its only habitable city, Irrational Exuberance.
x 5 (100%)
Crystal Memory Bank
This high-tech device is capable of storing a Exabyte of encrypted data making it an ideal way to transport secure information outside of your ship. Missions requiring data delivery in person will require a memory storage device of some kind so it is a good idea to keep at least one on hand.

[Memory Banks are required for storing data packages which can be delivered to a mission provider. It can be exchanged with a Used Memory Bank if there is data on it that is worth selling or delivering.]
x 500 (100%)
HoloStream Recorder
This device is essential for those wanting to film for the highest quality streams of Aisling Media, specifically The People's Media. It can also be used to start your career as a reporter by getting direct access to the live stream while on location of the action.
Consider owning one of these if you are trying to sell a story to Alicia Mellor.
x 100 (100%)
Nisara Multitech Jacket
[Mediumweight Armor]
Utility Slots: 4
Ability: This jacket can provide resistance to thermal, kinetic, and explosive attacks.

This high-grade jacket from Nisara Multitech is an exemplary Imperial design serving as a defense unit for tactical operations. It features a total of 4 utility slots that integrate with layers of cutting-edge personnel armor. It is one of the more popular armor options because of its versatility.

x 15,000 (100%)
Manticore Tormentor
Light Thermal/Kinetic Weapon
Attack: 2d4+10 [Focus]
Weight: 4.2 lb
Ability: Effective against shields and armor. Critical (4) gives a second free shot.

Added to the Diamond Market through Pioneer Supplies, this six-shot plasma pistol built by Manticore is fairly effective against both shields and armor, but its relatively low rate of fire, low ammo capacity, and fairly short effective range limit its utility. It has a long travel time as well. It is most useful for quickly finishing off opponents at closer ranges.
x 7,000 (100%)
Light Frame Exo-Suit
[-20 lb]
Utility Slots: 2

The exo-suit is a mobile machine worn on the body, enhancing limb movement with increased strength and endurance. The light frame version is the most agile, allowing quick movement while assisting with heavy lifting. It slightly reduces the weight of attached gear, making it ideal for scouts, snipers, and scientists.
x 8,000 (80%)
Conventional Vambrace
[Lightweight Armor]

The standard vambrace is a light guard for the forearm that works in conjunction with armors worn by the user. It is crafted from a variety of materials including leathers or synthetic polymers. Commonly it is lined with smart fabrics that allow power to reach any wrist-mounted computer displays or tracker lights. Mercenaries are encouraged to extend the protection of their jackets with a vambrace like this one as armors tend to dedicate their focus on protecting the torso rather than the arms.
x 300 (60%)
Melee Kinetic Weapon
[+5 Dexterity Defense]
Attack: 1d10+8 [Precision]
Weight: 1.6 lb
Ability: If an enemy engages in melee while the user is using ranged weapons, switching to and attacking with the knife is a free action. Critical (10) can ignore armor.

Every pilot should consider keeping a knife on hand as a last resort. This weapon can cut through flight suits and some armor with ease. The Diamond Market provides one as a gift to all CMDRs with an account.
x 30 (60%)
Stealth Boots
[Improves Stealth]
Classified as an armor modifier, this equipment muffles sound caused by movement over a variety of terrain thanks to the work of computer-regulated gel pads. While making the user silent it gives no armor benefits.
x 5,000 (100%)
Light Shield Generator
Light Thermal and Kinetic Defense
Defense: 50
Recharge: 1 Turn Delay

This personal suit integrated shield continuously protects the user from lasers and projectiles while active. This model does not obstruct the user, does not consume cell banks, and wraps around the body contours making it superior. It can be recharged quickly using an armor integrated Shield Cell Bank or increased in power by any form of shield booster. It is vulnerable to EMP attacks.
x 4,500 (100%)
Fergus Akira
Class: Bike
Engine: Electric
Fuel: Battery
Speed: 64 m/s
Self Driving: No
Seats: 1
Fergus built this affordable city bike with a large selection of options including customizable seats and optionally enclosed hubs. The swooping visor protects the rider from the wind as the bike can reach excessive speeds considering its small size. Candy red is the most popular paint job.
x 8,400 (100%)



Remlok Flight Suit
[Base Gear]
Remlok's iconic flight suit has become the staple uniform for countless pilots of all professions. Such is its success that even the Pilots' Federation supplies new Commanders with the suit as standard.

This suit can be worn under any clothing, granting environmental protection from extreme temperatures and hazards such as rapid depressurization and extreme blood loss.

☀︎ [Provided by the Diamond Market]
x 0 (0%)


Bluee was born on October 1st, 3284 in the Kou Hua system. At the age of 20, he left Kou Hua to become an independent courier, delivering goods and messages to clients across Imperial space.

Bluee quickly gained a reputation as a skilled and reliable courier, using his favorite ship, the Imperial Courier, to deliver goods quickly and efficiently. He loved the ship's speed and agility, as well as its decent jump range, which allowed him to navigate the galaxy with ease.

During his travels, Bluee became involved with members of Aisling Duval's faction. Impressed by his skills and experience, they recruited him to work as a courier for the faction, delivering sensitive messages and documents across Imperial space.

As Bluee's role within Aisling's faction expanded, he began using his expertise to coordinate the efforts of Aisling's followers and expand the faction's influence throughout the Bubble. He became one of Aisling's most trusted coordinators, using his diplomatic skills to negotiate with other factions and ensure that Aisling's followers were working towards their goals.

To aid in his work, Bluee purchased a fleet carrier that he uses as a secure communications hub. The carrier is crewed by a close friend of his and serves as a centralized location for Aisling's leaders to send and receive sensitive messages and coordinate their efforts.

Despite the risks and challenges of his work, Bluee remains fiercely committed to his role within Aisling's faction. He sees his work as a vital part of shaping the future of the Bubble, and is always seeking new ways to expand his influence and achieve his goals, all while piloting his trusty Imperial Courier.

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