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Allied CMDR Akiya
240   3,422



Roleplay Gear

Gear is currently unlocked

Callaghan Auto Pistol
Light Kinetic Weapon
Damage: +
Fire Rate: ++
Reload Speed: ++

This standard Callaghan sidearm is a must have for personal defense for anyone when outside of the security of installations. It is a reliable weapon that uses common types of ammunition making it simple to use and maintain.
x 25 (25%)
Forculus Chronometry Wrist Clock
Fabricated by the Forculus Brothers on Irrational Exuberance in the Forculus System, this highly luxurious time piece is designed specifically for classy individuals from the Federation of Independent Pilots. They are intentionally rare to protect their value while knockoff versions are more common. Some designs are susceptible to gravitational fluctuation but this model only simulates traditional function with clockwork. The display itself is holographic. Supporters of the product may get a significant boon to relations with its maker.
x 2,000 (100%)
Crystal Memory Bank
This high-tech device is capable of storing a Exabyte of encrypted data making it an ideal way to transport secure information outside of your ship. Missions requiring data delivery in person will require a memory storage device of some kind so it is a good idea to keep at least one on hand.

[Memory Banks are required for storing data packages which can be delivered to a mission provider. It can be exchanged with a Used Memory Bank if there is data on it that is worth selling or delivering.]
x 300 (60%)
Harnessed Jacket
Utility Slots: 2
Ability: This jacket can provide resistance to stabs and cuts from melee attacks.

This improved jacket comes in a wide variety of styles, materials, and colors and features all of the expected technological accessories of the 34th century. The strengthened pockets and expansion points is popular for well-geared pilots looking for a casual option for defense.
x 700 (100%)
Light Kinetic Weapon
Damage: +
Ability: If an enemy engages in melee while the user is using ranged weapons, switching to and attacking with the knife is a free action. A critical attack can ignore armor.

Every pilot should consider keeping a knife on hand as a last resort. This weapon can cut through flight suits and some armors with ease. The Diamond Market provides one as a gift to all CMDRs with an account.
x 50 (100%)
Archangel Blue Housecat
Historically known as the Russian Blue, the Irkalla Archangel Blue is a common feline in the Anahit System. They are recognized by their bright green eyes and blue-grey coat and are known for their friendliness and intelligence, though somewhat reserved. They have been known to play fetch and open doors, and are sensitive to human emotions. They are popular with pilots due to their affectionate bonds with trusted family. Genetic tampering or mixed breeding of the Archangel Blue is highly discouraged within the Empire.
x 1,000 (100%)



Forculus HoloCard
For the odd individual with an appreciation of the simple things, or perhaps a sense of humor, the HoloCard will surprise your friends with 3D projected confetti, music, and a video recording from you! The card itself is only a few inches wide and celebrates the otherwise uninteresting Forculus system with an animated image of its only habitable city, Irrational Exuberance.
x 1 (20%)
Conventional Jacket
Utility Slots: 1
Ability: This jacket can provide basic resistance to stabs and cuts from melee attacks.

This smart wired jacket comes in a wide variety of styles, materials, and colors and features all of the expected technological accessories of the 34th century. It provides some much needed protection for a street smart pilot.
x 100 (100%)
Embroidered Sport Dress
Utility Slots: 1

This attire is a respectable fashion statement for imperial citizens in any circumstance as it conforms to any of the latest fashion trends. It comes in a wide selection of colors and patterns and offers some basic protection for the wearer. It is popular among public officials and nobility of the Empire.
x 600 (100%)


REAL NAME: Akiya Mura PLACE OF BIRTH: HIP 116045 DATE OF BIRTH: 3284-04-27 AGE: 24 HEIGHT: 179 cm / 5' 10" WEIGHT: 61 kg / 134 lb GENDER: Female BUILD TYPE: Thin and tall (low-grav raised) SKIN COLOR: Brown HAIR COLOR: Dark EYE COLOR: Dark ACCENT: Empire (lower class, Mediterranean style)

Born an imperial slave, freed after Aisling Duval took control of her system.

Initially, she wanted to discover the universe, come back with exploration prize money to help her parents towards a free retirement, and then either continue exploring, or support the princess in freeing more slaves. But who knows where encounters will steer her?

She tends to be good with math and complex machinery, but not at ease with social interactions, and especially bad at lying.

(Detailed bio:

---------- OOC: possible plot hooks ----------

Friends and family: Event in Godel Vista (HIP 116045) around Akiya's parents, her former fuel management work crew, her former forewoman and crush (Sri) or her spouse (Violet), or her former Starport mechanics crew, will surely get her attention.

CMDR/Lady "Shrimp": An imperial knight and Courier pilot who helped free HIP 116045 slaves and liaise with Unchain in 3302-3303. Akiya looked up to her (and crushed on her) very much. Real name unknown.

Anonymous "Ano" (they/them): Akiya's first (and only to date) lover (3307/01). Former slave in LTT 8517, last heard of trying to create a music band and a shelter for children victims of sexual assault in Stuart's Progress (Harrigi) after Akiya freed her. Even if they have broken up, any mention of them or contact from them is sure to raise Akiya's attention.

LHS 1541 slavers trading ring: A pirate stole 12 Imperial slaves from another pirate (lead by a pimp from LHS 1819?) in LHS 1541. The slaves were transferred to Akiya who brought them in Cubeo. There, she asked the wrong persons (another slaving ring) for help, and it all ended in a big firefight in 3307/02. (see Open in Discord Desktop App | Browser) Akiya still feels responsible for those slaves, and any request by or on behalf of one of them, or to investigate the pirate's ring, will surely meet a positive response.

Remlock: What was an Archangel Blue cat doing caged in the Cubeo slavers hangar? Is there something special with her?

If you want to work on any of these hooks, ask me for details!

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