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NPC Stellar Santiago
0   45,125



Roleplay Gear

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Forculus HoloCard
For the odd individual with an appreciation of the simple things, or perhaps a sense of humor, the HoloCard will surprise your friends with 3D projected confetti, music, and a video recording from you! The card itself is only a few inches wide and celebrates the otherwise uninteresting Forculus system with an animated image of its only habitable city, Irrational Exuberance.
x 1 (20%)
Light Tactical Jacket
Utility Slots: 3
This armored jacket provides light defense while providing the wearer with easy access to equipped gear for low defense and low style. It features 3 utility slots for defense improvements and can be worn in conjunction with armor modifiers. It is popular among mercenaries.
x 7,000 (100%)
Tactical Pistol
Light Kinetic Weapon
++ Damage
This versatile handgun is popular among interstellar mercenaries and soldiers due to its light weight and durability. The firearm is incredibly accurate with minimal kick and supports high capacity ammo clips as well as several attachments. It can function like an SMG, firing quickly and easily reloaded, though it does low damage.
x 5,000 (100%)
Crystal Memory Bank
This high-tech device is capable of storing a Exabyte of encrypted data making it an ideal way to transport secure information outside of your ship. Missions requiring data delivery in person will require a memory storage device of some kind so it is a good idea to keep at least one on hand.

[Memory Banks are required for storing data packages which can be delivered to a mission provider. It can be exchanged with a Used Memory Bank if there is data on it that is worth selling or delivering.]
x 220 (44%)
Imperial Laser Rifle
Medium Thermal Weapon
+++ Damage
Built for use by Imperial Soldiers, this battle weapon will bring the might of the Emperor on your foes without hindering the aesthetics of the design. It can fire quickly and rarely needs to recharge, though it inflicts medium damage.
x 1,000 (100%)
Force Burst Wrist Guard
Classified as an armor modifier, this highly compact defense mechanism is ideal for close quarters combat as it can create a pulse burst on contact, shoving attackers to the floor or at least a good distance from you, buying that time you need to escape or draw your weapon. It is non-lethal but would be considered a crime if used against an Imperial Citizen outside of combat. It can be worn in conjunction with any clothing or accessories.
x 1,456 (91%)
Light Kinetic Weapon
+ Damage
Every pilot should consider keeping a knife on hand as a last resort. This weapon can cut through flight suits and some armors with ease.
x 50 (100%)
Combat Helmet
Classified as an armor modifier, this helmet provides the user with excellent protection. It is equipped with a very simplistic form of the Visual Assistant System which grants the user enhanced vision during situations with heavy fog and smoke. It also defends the eyes and ears from a Flash Bang Grenade, though is still vulnerable to E.G.G attacks. The combat helmet is commonly worn by mercenaries and private armies.
x 4,700 (94%)
Stealth Boots
Classified as an armor modifier, this equipment muffles sounds caused from movement over a variety of terrain thanks to the work of computer regulated gel pads. While making the user silent it gives no armor benefits.
x 1,500 (100%)
Heavy Armor Shield
Heavy Kinetic Defense
+++ Defense
A powerful alternative to the burst shield, this heavy armor will repel all heavy attacks almost indefinitely. The only drawbacks is the cumbersome weight and lack of sustainable and rechargeable thermal defense. Considering the drawbacks, the shield is immune to EMP attacks and will hold against a heavy barrage for longer than the thermal counterpart, but with the lack of longevity from recharge, users should play to its strengths in quick assaults.
x 3,000 (100%)
Chaff Launcher
Open [NOTES] for instructions on use.

Installed in a utility slot, this small device will launch a shower of light weight tracking disruptors making the user nearly invulnerable to enemy drones, visual assistant systems, and sensors by wildly expanding the user's heat signature. It has enough ammo to last through most engagements. It creates very little heat.
x 100 (100%)
  • Note
Kill Warrant Scanner
Open [NOTES] for instructions on use.

Installed in a utility slot, this small device will scan individuals and compile bounty information as well as identify any registered citizen. It is a popular tool for bounty hunters and security personnel. It creates very little heat and will last through any mission.
x 3,000 (100%)
  • Note
Shock Grenade
Heavy Force Weapon
+ Damage
This single use device can throw opponents to the ground with a massive shockwave of force. It is also effective against aerial drones as the force will crash them.

[Disposable items are consumed after a single use.]
x 50 (100%)
Shock Grenade
Heavy Force Weapon
+ Damage
This single use device can throw opponents to the ground with a massive shockwave of force. It is also effective against aerial drones as the force will crash them.

[Disposable items are consumed after a single use.]
x 50 (100%)
Fragmentation Grenade
Heavy Explosive Weapon
+++ Damage
This single use device can ensure a great deal of damage to a rather large area. It is recommended that a solder restocks prior to any engagement.

[Disposable items are consumed after a single use.]
x 300 (100%)


Light Jacket
Utility Slots: 1
This jacket comes in a large variety of styles and colors and creates an improved silhouette when worn over standard flight suits. It is a great source of defense from light weapons and can help make an impression at casual functions. It can be worn in conjunction with armor modifiers. It is popular among traders and explorers.
x 35 (35%)
Callaghan Auto Pistol
Light Kinetic Weapon
+ Damage
This standard Callaghan sidearm is a must have for personal defense for anyone when outside of the security of installations. It is a reliable weapon that uses common types of ammunition making it simple to use and maintain. It can fire quickly and is easy to reload, though it does low damage.
x 100 (100%)



Stellar Santiago led an unremarkable life on Wakinuke. The daughter of a bureaucrat, Stellar had no grand designs in life outside of working for the government and starting a family of her own. One day when visiting the market in Lunan Vision she met Lucas De Actuis and was immediately smitten. After a whirlwind courtship Stellar and Lucas were engaged, her planned simple life seemingly being executed to perfection.

The Fall of Miroman Early in 3303, the Empire was pushed out of Miroman and Federal forces moved in. It was a time of turmoil and stress for Stellar and Lucas. Their wedding was postponed as Lucas's family was having trouble making ends meet under the burden of the new regime. One day, she went to the De Actuis's residence in Lunan Vision to see her fiance and his grandparents being dragged away by corporate security. Stellar ran directly to the star port to find transportation off world when she ran into her future father-in-law Vito. Informing him of what transpired they immediately fled the system and made their way to Chona.

The Search for Lucas Stellar didn't stay in Chona very long. Vito's leads in the black market weren't getting him anywhere and Stellar tried to pursue leads on her own. After a close call where her Sidewinder was destroyed by a pirate in Zhao Stellar realized she needed more training if she was to succeed. Enlisting in the Imperial Navy, she passed basic flight with flying colors. However, Stellar was never to gain her commision. An incident in A school where she confronted a superior officer over the issue of slavery. after the officer came to, Stellar was dishonorably discharged.

Upset, but not deterred, Stellar got what she wanted from the academy, training.

Reunion with Vito In 3304, Federal forces were pushed back in an action known as Operation Valentine. Stellar took advantage of the vacuum by scouring the now abandoned systems for any sign of Lucas. While she was unsuccessful Stellar ran into Vito at Gabriel Dock in Haroingori. Vito was part of a detachment trying to lay the groundwork for the Empire to take over the system.

A tear filled, brandy fueled reunion brought them to combine their efforts. Stellar has loyally followed Vito ever since.

A New Base of Operation In the intervening time, both Stellar and Vito still couldn't find any clues to their family's whereabouts. By late 3304, Vito had largely given up hope, dedicating himself more to making sure Federal control and Corporate governance will never befall another family. Stellar on the other hand maintains hope. This idealistic split has raised some tensions between the potential in-laws. But until a better option comes along, Vito remains her best hope.

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