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    This week’s spotlight shines on Castro Management Group, “We bend over backwards so you don’t have to.”

    The ‘Emeralds of The Stars’ event is underway in the Aamofsa district! This magnanimous display of student excellence will be showcased upon the lakes and parks bordering the university. Patrons, participants, and attendees are to expect food, games, art, music, and so much more! So take some time out of your day to revel in the wonderful entertainment they shall provide and receive a taste of what Emerald Observatory has to offer!

    Work continues in the medical district of Ciphoit as military trauma services are built out more thoroughly. From building restructuring to the addition of new equipment servicers, no expense is spared for the Prismatic Military. The Sapphire Rose Medical Associates are to thank for giving this project the start it desperately needed, and by the looks of it, they are wanting to see it through. I must say, I too have an interest in seeing through to completion, and I await in anticipation!

    A new mega-project is beginning in the form of a new freight transit system. Making use of the waterways that flow through the district. Liberation Point administration and Capital City officials have expressed their desires to ease the burdens of the track freight and open new avenues for shipments to move from the starport to the warehouses. As we speak, docks and ships are being constructed in the first steps towards this endeavor.

    The Branch of Mind would like to remind citizens that loitering, littering, and wasting time in the Opera district is prohibited. Penalties for such infractions are enforced by the Branch of Vigor and district officials where they see fit. In more positive news, the district is receiving a brand new restaurant sometime this month that will be available for all citizens and patrons to enjoy! Ensure yourself to listen as we await the name for this potentially lavish establishment!

    Last up; for CMDRs of Cubeo and the surrounding systems, officials of the Diamond Market would like to remind you to ensure the safety of your transactions and to only send and receive goods and money with those you trust. Your safety is their top priority. A bulletin notice also goes out in wake of a recent hack that took place as a reminder that such actions will be severely punished.

    Stay tuned for more on Prismatic Media News!