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    This week’s spotlight shines on Woods Haulage, “With hauling this efficient, would you choose anyone else?”

    Exciting things are happening in Jukhand as a farmer’s market is being planned as we speak! Produce from around the system and even neighboring systems will be sold by various farmers and vendors. Ahead of this, groundskeepers are expected to perform a detailed clean of the parks in preparation for the farmer’s market.

    A new medical group has made its presence known with recent investments into the Ciphoit Medical district. With plans to expand on their current military wings, the rumors of specialized trauma care are coming to fruition, there are even talks of building out a ‘Prismatic Veterans’ clinic for longer-term care. With all of these exciting ventures happening, it’s no wonder Cubeo has some of the best healthcare!

    Ruophaco is expected to see new roadway cleaners in the coming days and weeks. As part of the ongoing ‘City Beautification’ project, the streets you drive on also play a pivotal role. These new vehicles will feature designs brought back from centuries past, resembling the street cleaners of old, but showcasing the bold and illustrious Imperial look. They’ll be equipped to sweep debris, wash, scrub, and sanitise, all in one pass! Be on the lookout during your next commute through the city!

    Ruby Citadel is expected to have a new garden for staff to relax in during breaks, tea time, and even lunch hours. It will feature a plethora of walkable spaces, flowers, fountains, relaxing bird watching posts, and luxurious seating! A grand time for all to be had! As well, the Branch of Vigor would like to remind all staff of the new brand of coffee made available for the mornings.

    The bridge between Vreemane and Eatiosa is in the process of redecoration! A complete display of floral arrangements will grace the entire span of the bridge, as well prismatic accents and various inset gems. This comes ahead of the “Festival of Flowers”, and a few other anticipated events! To be expected, portions of the bridge will be shut down in intervals as work is underway.

    The gardens in Raven Square are receiving a complete makeover as investments steadily arrive. Shipments of stone, metals, glass, and various assortments of shrubbery have reportedly arrived as artists plan the very details and layouts for each garden.

    Wrapping up this week, be on the lookout for an array of new boats to choose from at the Eqimore Flotilla Marina! New investments have allowed for the purchase of new yachts for club members to use and they couldn’t be more excited!

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