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    This week’s spotlight shines on Thule Industries, “You’ll always be safe with Thule”.

    The lakes of Aamofsa are anticipated to be “prettied up” for an upcoming event this week. With the absence of many students on holiday, city officials would like to take advantage of the lush parks and pristine lakes the district has to offer. The details of the vent are yet to be publicly known, but I have a hint of suspicion that it will involve boats and fireworks!

    A miniature art gala is being held this week in the Opera district and I’ll be hosting it! This lovely “black tie affair” will be exclusive to members of the Opera House High Society, and will feature an array of finely crafted pieces of my choosing, proceeds will go to the local food donation centers. Once finished, all of the pieces will be made available to the public for their perusal!

    Hangars and landing pads will be temporarily closed in intervals this week as custodians and construction staff perform clean-up and maintenance on the various structures of the star port. It’s a never ending effort to keep Liberation Point as pristine as possible as the first point of entry to Cubeo III and Capital City. There is also an expected arrival of an Imperial Navy Commander in the coming weeks, so everything must be in tip-top shape!

    Next stop, Rhombus! The lavish parks of the district’s office parks are receiving a few touch-ups this week. Capital City Parks and Recreation have announced that they want to increase the amount of floral decor in the various walking spaces throughout the city, while keeping it subtle, of course. They believe such a theme will not only improve the quality of life of pedestrian citizens and patrons of the parks, but will increase morale and productivity of office workers.

    The waterways of Vreemane are looking cleaner than ever thanks to a recent effort by Capital City’s Marine Services Office. They are next looking to offer assistance with a construction project that will be cleaning and redecorating the bridges that link the district to the others. Such a project is anticipated to take, at most, two weeks as they beginning planning their first steps.

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