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    This week’s spotlight shines on Magda, “Low prices, high quality. All for you.”

    Student housing is undergoing an expansion this week as investors seek to improve upon the quality of life of students attending Emerald Observatory. The illustrious university has seen a slight increase in enrollment the last few months and, as such, wishes to continue this trend by making the campus environment the best that it can be! As well, University Staff wish all students a wonderful holiday as classes finish and the “springmer” season begins.

    The New Sun in Ruby Citadel is anticipating some new renovations this week! To be fitted with new machines, and new organic sources of tea and coffee grinds, the cafe will be temporarily closed for the week as staff make the appropriate preparations. Administrative staff would also like to remind cubical employees to keep the areas underneath their desks clean and clear as minor flooring renovations are also made.

    Have you ever thought to yourself ‘what would it look like to walk upon platinum’? Well now’s your chance to put that to the test! The Opera District is constructing a new “runway” path for patrons of the Opera House that will be made entirely out of platinum! Luxury has never been so stunning! New paintings will be proudly displayed in the Opera House’s foyer as well, and I will be selecting my favourites!

    Bridge repairs and touch-up are underway in Eqimore, as part of the “city beautification” process that has been moving through each district. Next up, there’s a regatta happening this weekend! Sailors and boaters and enthusiasts from across Cubeo will be making a grand showing as the competition begins. Set-up is expected to take place today as the first of the races commence tomorrow.

    The warehouse shopping plaza is complete in Ruophaco. This pristine centre will be the home of all things industrial and contain a wide variety of businesses for contractors and pilots to shop from! As this comes to a conclusion, tax season is right around the corner, and as such Prismatic Imperium will begin discussing property tax increases across the system in an effort to raise values of certain appraised properties.

    Stay tuned for more on Prismatic Media News!