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    This week’s spotlight shines on Wreaken Corporation, “Losses can be recouped and equipment can be repaired. Lives are irreplaceable.”

    Undercity clean-up begins in the district of Draron Qebridge as city officials express their desire to greatly organise the city’s infrastructure. Designated as a residential district, planners have re-allocated space to be marked as mixed-use, but all industrial activity will be put to an end as warehouses are gutted and removed. Shops and restaurants will persist in small quantities, however, as an effort to keep improving the quality of life for residents of the district.

    The Vairnuce Spa is having its grand opening in the district of Vreemane! This is a rather momentous occasion, considering I have a personal interest in such things. The spa will feature state-of-the-art steam rooms as well as saunas! Now don’t get those two confused because they are certainly different! Also being installed are multiple heated obsidian pools designed for various salt and mineral baths! The Vairnuce Spa is pulling out all of the stops with their establishment, so make sure you take the time to schedule an appointment and partake in some relaxation luxuries!

    Clean-up of a biowaste incident at Ciphoit Medical has finally finished as hospital administration seeks ways to prevent such things from occurring again. The medical complex grounds will also be receiving a fair amount of expansionary touch-ups as officials anticipate the build-out of new medical services for citizens to gain access to. Rumor has it that one such plan involves a new military wing with a ‘medi-vac’ service. Stay tuned as this story develops!

    The boardwalk in the Opera district is expanding as we speak as the Opera Arts Preservation Society petitioned district officials to improve upon the Opera House’s property and adjacent areas. It’s reported that the boardwalk’s extension will feature an array of luxury entertainment rides and other various activities akin to those of a carnival, only nice and fancy! Be on the look out during your next boat ride as the district will now feature a new small skyline that is perfect for evening viewings!

    Stay tuned for more on Prismatic Media News!