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    This week’s spotlight shines on Donnellan Healthcare, “Pamper and protect”.

    The scenic waterfront tram continues construction between Horia and Opera. What started out as a simple transportation system between a handful of luxury shopping centers has extended into a scenic ride along the waterfront as you travel between! The trams will have several stops along the two districts’ boardwalks, reaching the important plaza commerce points while providing for an excellent view of West Lake!

    Vandalism has once again been subdued in the Ruophaco district. Vigor officials report that they caught the ne’er-do-wells and have spent the last 26 hours gathering information on the whereabouts of others like them. Executives of a major accounting firm in the district have also expressed their displeasure with issues of graffiti by similar individuals, calling upon Vigor to crack down on that as well. In a small response to the notice, several patrons of the arts have taken it upon themselves to “beautify” the horrendous graffiti, instead turning these into beautiful murals that speak to the vibrance and class that the Prismatic Imperium stands for.

    Ruby Citadel’s campus grounds are undergoing a light re-pavement as Vigor’s maintenance budget has been reassessed. Employees are encouraged to use alternate parking garages or the convenient transit stop a block away from the primary building. Vigor officials have also begun a workshop event for all desk staff to attend. It is said to be a combination of skill building and team exercises to help improve efficiency and morale for the branch.

    Have you noticed the changes with a certain spot in the market on Chelomey Orbital? That’s right, a new establishment is being fitted in, but fear not, the D3 diner might be relocated to a different location within the station, the current staff will remain at the current property. The Chelomey Market Exchange, as it is called, will be moving in, and is currently doing so as we speak! It will be a location of transaction storage and facilitation for browsers of the Diamond Market, a safe space for them to take place.

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