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    This week’s spotlight shines on Universal Cartographics, “Mapping the horizon so you don’t have to.”

    Maintenance on the C-Hyperloop in the Vreemane district continues as city officials express their interest in efficient public transit. It is reported that new lines are being designed as we speak to further improve the high speed track system. A new Spa will be opening up in the district this week as well as tourism is expected to reach peak season this month, whether you need a therapeutic massage, or you just want a quick getaway from the working world, Vairnuce Spa has you covered!

    More housing refurbishments are expected to sweep through Draron Qebridge this month and next. It appears to be a competition between the many residential districts of Capital City for ‘who shines the brightest’. While I certainly applaud the improvements for residents, they seem to be rushing and moving too quickly for my tastes, quality comes with time. We shall see how this plays out, let’s hope the real winners are those living there!

    A cargo hold explosion has been reported on Chelomey Orbital. In close proximity to the station’s market, the incident that took place is one for the record books as seventeen different containers simply combusted with warning. An investigation is well underway by Vigor and station authorities, and as of yet there have been no indications of foul play.

    Ciphoit Medical has received a substantial boost in funds as the hospital’s Board of Directors plan and create the fiscal year’s budget. We’ve discovered that they plan on increasing staff pay until year end as well as begin the Staff and Facility Improvement Project, a now yearly program centered around the ever evolving advancements in the medical field. Doctors and nurses alike look forward to these improvements in the coming weeks and months, as well as the next pay raise!

    Rumors of war spin like top within the city. With increasing military movements and advancements and the heightened awareness of happenings in the Evermore region, it’s hard to ignore what is beginning to take place. Rest assured, that rumors of such barbaric actions are just that, rumors; and should those rumors manifest into reality, they will be swift and self-contained. Good people of Cubeo, never forget, the only way forward is to be progressive.

    Lastly, an important announcement. This is a special time for the Empire. Once a year, lasting a week, festivities and activities are dedicated to the children of our great society. Children’s Week, as it is called, radiates with warmth and joy. With donations to orphanages, the adoption of children, and the praises of education, no amount of time or money is spared during this wonderous time of year. Here in Capital City on Cubeo, proceeds of all performances held at the Opera House and auctions of art will be going to the Imperial Orphan Fund. I will personally be donating, and I hope you find it in your heart to do so as well!

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