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    This week’s spotlight shines on JB Tax Accountants, “No numbers too real or imaginary.”

    Emerald Observatory’s ‘Lost and Found’ is performing a last call on items students may have lost before they begin their yearly donations to those in need. It’s a wonderful endeavour that the University undertakes, one that I fully support. Further, the University plans to also raise money for a charity that will be voted on by students in the coming weeks. Pay close attention to which is selected!

    Strays have been seen roaming throughout the Ruophaco district, and a team of wildlife enthusiasts have set out to round them up to the nearest animal shelter to find them all proper homes. If you would like to help, reach out to the Prismatic Humane Society today for when this is scheduled to take place! New freight tracks are being built between the district and Liberation Point to allow for lane-powered cargo transport underground to the many warehouses in Ruophaco. Make sure to stay clear of construction sites as they can be hazardous. The project is expected to be completed this week.

    The Branch of Vigor is allegedly recruiting new street patrollers! What this entails is anybody’s guess, but a keen observer would note that the undercity has been significantly safer in recent weeks. Ruby Citadel has also brought on a new tea vendor for their quaint employee cafe. Their offerings have grown exponentially ever since!

    Housing development has come under scrutiny in Draron Qebridge as building inspections carry on throughout the week. In lieu of this, the housing administration has begun the remodeling of several multi-family homes and apartments. As roads are blocked off, detour routes will be made available as well as slightly altered transit schedules to accommodate citizens of the area.

    The lakes of Aamofsa are scheduled to be extensively cleaned next week. Capital City Parks and Recreation officials say to anticipate onsite staff in the area this week and periodic park and lake closures as activities are put to a halt during this process. The district is also set to receive two new student housing buildings as Emerald Observatory anticipates a slight uptick in university attendance this year.

    The Eqimore Mall is receiving a brand new boardwalk as investors seek to establish more commerce in the district. This lavish waterside venue will have the perfect view of the Palace Green, allowing for citizens and patrons to enjoy the sight as they shop for the perfect clothes or food to eat!

    A new tram line is being constructed for rapid transit between Opera and Horia. Both districts specialising in wealthy commercial shopping and leisure activities. This will allow patrons to easily move from seeing an illustrious opera performance to shopping for the newest trends!

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