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    This week’s spotlight shines on the Brewer Corporation, “Always brewing something new”.

    Ferry construction is underway! Several new stops are being added along the river on the Mumore Residential side. New temporary routes have been plotted and set into place as work begins. In addition to the stops, new boats are also being added to commemorate the occasion as well as a lovely send-off party for the first disembarkment of the new ferries! What a treat!

    Raven Tower in Raven Square will be under some slight renovations as the exterior glass windows are replaced and cleaned as part of a city-wide mandate to replace windows in towers with materials a bit more sturdy. Who’s to say why, possibly with the stiff winds and birds not looking where they’re flying!

    New subterranean warehouses are being constructed in the Rhombus district! Only available for a select group of corporations, these warehouses will have a direct link to one of the terminals at Liberation Point! It’s anticipated that this will ease the burden of commercial throughput in the area. In other Rhombus news, be on the lookout for new food vendor stalls in the conference center! Should you be there for a fun filled convention or a work-oriented conference, the new array of options are sure to make you hungry!

    CIMA has taken another hit as financial speculation takes a small yet sharp nosedive. The Sapphire Commerce Center administration has released several statements in an effort to ease tensions. If you have any good business sense, then you know to take what assets you have and place them somewhere else for the time being!

    The telescope at the Emerald Observatory once again resumes maintenance and upgrade procedures. The process should take approximately two weeks to complete, in the meantime the University’s administration has opened up their auxiliary observatory to reduce any downtime in celestial studies.

    Liberation Point has received a hefty investment that is reportedly allocated for the assistance of the Rhombus warehouse project. Their end of the bargain includes a private terminal for the corporations that will be utilising the warehouses.

    Park clean-up in the Aamofsa again? Several reports and complaints have come in regarding university students partying a little too hard. Litter has been discovered strewn about at least two of the district’s large parks, such a mess, and quite uncouth! the University administration has released a warning for individuals who wish to partake in such actions that there will be punishment.

    Major developments happening in Evermore. It looks as though a significant portion of personnel from the Branch of Sight have been seen packing up and evacuating their projects and leaving the region enmasse. Speculation as to why is high, but the likely cause could be the reported impending war that is to happen in the region. The Lord Headmaster has declined to comment on the matter.

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