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    This week the spotlight shines on Imperial Dynamics, “Drive like a modern Imperial, sleek and dynamic to the core.”

    The rumors were true! ‘Lights! Camera! Action!’ is opening a small location in the primary concourse of the Sapphire Commerce Center! Employees and visitors alike will now be able to enjoy the wonderful selections of coffee they have to offer. If public reception of the location is high enough they have informed us that they will consider expanding the location to support more staff and even add tea! What a treat!

    The “Wonders of The Deep” project at Emerald University has had some insight leaked. As part of a colloquium assignment, students have banded together to create an immersive experience combining the magnificence of art with the importance of science. So far we know that it will be an immersive and interactive experience, highlighting several cornerstones of subnautical discovery on Cubeo and afar.

    This just in! Ciphoit Medical is in the process of revamping one of their triage wings in an effort to handle a substantially larger flow of patients through the hospital as additional first responders are in the hiring pipeline. Several employees have voiced their concerns regarding violent patients, specifically citing an incident that occured months ago. They have been reassured such events will not happen again.

    Student housing is the hot button topic once again in the Aamofsa district. A joint effort with the university is underway to refurbish several apartment complexes in the district that line one of the parks. From plumbing to paints to roofing, no stone will be left unturned as the project gets underway!

    Boats, boats, and more boats! The Grand Marina in the Isroubus district has purchased a multitude of new ships to add to their illustrious fleet. These will be made available to rent for those who can afford them in the coming weeks once the proper paperwork is in place and all licenses and documentation has been signed and filed.

    Have you heard the news? Ogiukurg Mall will have new water features installed! This is exciting because I just love a good fountain to admire while I peruse shops and boutiques. The designs are said to replicate the various monuments around the city! Ranging from large to small, each feature will represent different aspects of Cubeo, the Prismatic Imperium, and the Empire at large. So be on the lookout next week!

    Last stop, Rhombus! As a part of the long term infrastructure improvements, Rhombus is one of the last districts to begin construction of new transit stops as well as renovating existing stations. These will provide a cleaner, safer, and a smoother experience as the Capital City Rapid Transit system spreads throughout. We hope your next commute is timely and enjoyable!

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