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    This week’s spotlight shines on Mobius Distinct, “We make your goods shiny.”

    The Raven Square Aether Oasis saga continues as the salt pools and sauna complete their construction! With additional funds being moved around, work on the grand massage room has commenced! This marks the last and final step in the project and we couldn’t be more excited to see its completion!

    The Emerald Observatory observatory is having its lawn completely redone! From new pathways to fresh hedges, no expense is spared to make your entrance to the observatory as serene as possible! Emerald University staff would like to also take this time to remind students to please refrain from littering and loitering in the bathrooms, it’s un-Imperial and uncouth. In other Emerald University News, new food court ideas are being requested from students and staff as a survey was released showing a growing number of displeasing lunch items.

    The Ogiukurg Art Gallery is now known as Galleria Oceana! With the name change comes an entire new exhibit and an opulent display from a collaboration of Imperial systems. Bring a friend, peruse the finest displays and exhibits Galleria Oceana has to offer. A special wing of the gallery is dedicated to monthly rotating exhibits where artists from around the system construct their latest works and experimental art projects, a true testament to the creativity of the mind.

    A recent investment into The People’s Media has landed gracefully! My office is due to be renovated so a large portion of the money will be for that, as well as updating and beautifying the foyer of the primary lobby! Oh this is just so exciting! I can’t wait for visitors to experience the new mood lighting and gentle ambiance! TPM Security would like to also remind staff to refrain from touching the lobby plants, several incidents have been documented which resulted in injury.

    Bird migration sightings in Isroubus! Every half-year the Hjackvon species of bird migrates to the other side of Cubeo III, and they pass through Capital City! So if you’re a bird enthusiast, I highly recommend stopping by the docks to relax and see some of these playful birds!

    The “10-Step Beautification Program” continues in the Rowell District! Several murals have been erected as sculptures begin to take shape. With the park paths cleaned and re-paved, planners have begun the next phase of planting new trees and trimming up the old! This is a rather invigorating time to be visiting the Rowell District as these activities occur!

    With additional funds reaching Liberation Point, new cafes and shops are being introduced for travelers local and abroad. Several complaints have been filed by patrons regarding the lack of nutritional options in the star port concourse and terminals and it appears their voices have been heard! Additionally a recent survey was released detailing the emotions of patrons and travelers and many have cited their approval of the Chelomey Transit Shuttles. Liberation Point is looking better than ever!

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