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    This week’s spotlight shines on Bar Low Clothing, “For the real you”.

    Be in the lookout for new decor at the Ogiukurg Mall! District officials are unveiling a new array of decorations for patrons to enjoy! Fashion and visual arts have never been more relevant together! In lue of the upcoming changes, the mall administrations would like to kindly remind patrons and citizens to refrain from touching any of the displays, all infractions are subject to several hundred credit fines.

    With the Pedestrian Path Project still underway, the Aamofsa Custodial Society would like to remind students to refrain from littering and making a mess as they traverse the district. It’s unbecoming of Emerald University students to be so uncouth and sloppy. In other Aamofsa news, the Park Petting Palace is now hiring! After filing all of the correct paperwork, they are now able to accept employees to help care for the little critters that grace their premise, and we hope patrons of the district take the time to unwind here as well!

    The Hourglass at Zreaglares is now open for business. This state-of-the-art museum installation is sure to enrapture you with it’s fully immersive seven dimensional visiosensorical soundscapes! Further district development is being funneled into transit tracks for the Capital City Metro-Link.

    In other news, the Cront Ferry System is being worked on once more as the boats are updated, refurbished, or replaced! Whether you’re along for the scenic tour, or you’re trying to commute to work, the Cront Ferry System has you covered!

    Resort renovations are underway here on Trapeze Island! Newly decorated pathways, newly acquired trams, newly touched up everything! No expense is spared when it comes to ensuring our patrons have the most memorable and enjoyable experience on our island. In addition to the renovations, several new aquatic vehicles will be purchased for recreational use around the atol. We hope you enjoy your next stay here on Trapeze Island!

    Improvements are being made to the marina in the Isroubus district! Updated lighting to provide for a better ambient setting at night, new retractable overhangs to keep patrons dry during a light rain, and even buoy markers! District officials and marina administrators kindly remind patrons and citizens that the marina is for residence and members only, all ships harbored are not for sale, and are in the utmost care of the marina’s dock workers. Should you want to become a marina member, contact the Isroubus District office today!

    The Vreemane district has received a financial boon! Funds are being set aside to make the Crystal Lake paddle boat route even more romantic! If you had plans to take your loved one out to dinner, scrap them and take them on a scenic and adorable paddle boat ride!

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