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    This week’s spotlight shines on Houlden Harmonics, “For that authentic sound”.

    A recent investment into the Sapphire Commerce Center is making headlines, clearly since I am making the headline! A new cleaning service is expected to arrive on the campus within the week, their first task is to tidy up the Commerce Center lawn, and plant new shrubbery! This change in staff is just one of many upcoming changes that will ensure the Commerce Center is performing optimally.

    A new investment into The People’s Media is slated for an expensive line of new coffee beans and organically sourced tea leaves for the ‘Lights! Camera! Coffee!’ cafe in the campus. I won’t say who made this decision, but it was me. Who doesn’t love a fresh cup of coffee or a recently brewed cup of tea?! You’re crazy if you don’t. Staff will also enjoy a new array of cafe menu items to snack on as well.

    Patrons will be pleased to hear that the leak has been found and plugged in the Ogiukurg Mall. Not only that, new funds are being allocated to completely revamp the plumbing system of the district! Gone will be the days of water leaks, gone will be the days of low water pressure! Authorities caution to expect delays on commutes through the district and to anticipate various stores to be temporarily closed while the construction commences. We’ll be sure to update you as this project continues!

    Attention to all Trapeze Island patrons! The new cat cafe has been completed, and a successful promotion has concluded! Cattoccino opens its doors this week and I couldn’t be more excited! Located next to Antonio’s Italian Gelateria, the cafe will provide quite possibly the most expensive coffee you’ve ever laid eyes on, complete with the cozy experience of cats lounging around! The next two weeks will be by reservation only to keep occupation levels low. We hope to see you there!

    A recent piece of art has graced Galnet and has caught my attention, and I felt I should share it! It appears the painting was created by a colleague of mine! Winnifred Alva, she's been painting for ten years now, and to have one of her works premiering on the Galactic News is something to behold! The painting depicts a fictional explosion from a recent spy-thriller novel written by Ponce L'Rouex. I do hope to see more of her work gain such attention!

    A new project is underway at Chelomey Orbital. The market on the station will be receiving some improvements to structure stability as well as a slight change in decor to keep with appearances. It’s been noted by many patrons, passersby, and travelers that the station’s commerce areas are remarkably well kept and clean. Make sure you thank your nearest custodian for that!

    Stay tuned for more here at Prismatic Media News!