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    This week’s spotlight shines on Lewis  Zero-G Fitness, “In space no one can hear you lift!” 

    Kulturnatta is coming closer as we speak on Trapeze Island, with the kitchen finished, the chef and staff hired and in the process of training, the only task left to accomplish is the food! A new swath of menu items are being procured with a boost of investment funds! In addition to food, the decor should be arriving in the coming days! I am personally excited to see all of this come to fruition!

    Citizens from across the system have been filing complaints every day regarding the terrible smells coming from the Chelomey Orbital station, however one patron has decided to make it their goal to change this. New investments into the station’s market have been allocated to new and better waste management and recycling! Expect less litter and more glitter!

    The Ogiukurg Mall People Mover has officially been completed! This is a momentous day as the mall’s lack of exceedingly efficient public transit has been met! With the addition of the patron green space, the district is sure to wow citizens and shoppers alike! The mall’s administration has decided to give every patron this week a voucher for Lucey’s Steakhouse! What a delicious time!

    My reporters have uncovered something sinister and uncouth happening within the Paesan Auto company, reports of insider trading have been swirling and landing on my desk. We’ve decided to investigate further and found that CMDRs are gaming the system for their own personal gain and at the expense of Capital City and Paesan Auto themselves! This unscrupulous activity has not gone unnoticed as the price and trade-in value of the Paesan Buttercup and shareholder value of Paesan Auto are in constant flux! We hope something is done about this soon!

    A new grand opening for the Howell Vineyards Capital City Wine Store! A name so long your mouth may never close! This absolutely adorable and lovely wine shop has just finished its grand opening and I personally attended! I must say I loved every bit of it from the doors to the back walls! The wine was also spectacular! If you know what’s good for you, then you too will visit this wonderful wine store located in Raven Square!

    Dirty parks in Raven Square? How uncouth! ‘Tis not the Imperial way! Thankfully recent investments have come and are being allocated to the ‘Better Park Clean-Up’ project. New janitorial staff are in the process of being hired as the district’s administration looks to tidy up! May your next visit to Raven Square be a clean one!

    New transit expansion ideas are being proposed in the Rowell district. With Mumore Residential’s transit system complete, it was only a matter of time before Rowell’s administration sought to improve their own! The proposed ideas will seek to link with Cront and Mumore Residential in an effort to provide better public transportation for the district’s many residents. This will allow further pedestrian friendly projects to be brought out as well as better commercial shopping initiatives! This is an exciting week!

    Astrogator Tours is at it again! In conjunction with its parent company Saud Kruger, the decorated travel agency is seeking yet again more planets to take their patrons to! Their most recent slate of trip options were certainly interesting and somewhat odd, many viewers and citizens have chimed in their thoughts in a recent poll about the company. Seventy percent of the votes were filled in the “Other” category and ninetynine percent of those voters wrote in “better destinations please” for company approval ratings. While it is uncertain how those votes will affect the company, it certainly sends a message!

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