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    This week’s spotlight shines on Braben Woollens, “Feel warm with natural wool”.

    Cafes, vending machines, lounging! All things relaxing in the district of Aamofsa as the tram station completes its upgrades and refurbishments. New investments arrive as plans for park amenities are drawn up, several students have levied support for more recreational activities to be available for study-downtime and I couldn’t agree more! We look forward to what the district administration has cooked up for patrons of Aamofsa and Emerald University students alike!

    The C-Hyperloop transit stops and extensions have been completed with the remaining investment budget! Citizens from all around have expressed excitement for the ability to quickly access their favorite recreational spots as well as shops and dining, and even their places of work! Each transit stop will include lounging facilities as well as a cafe for patrons to enjoy as they come and go. We hope you look forward to your next trip along the C-Hyperloop!

    Trapeze Island Resort management has begun the acquisition of chefs from around the galaxy, starting with a fan favorite from Zespea! Our new kitchen will be complete with an array of cultured chefs to meet a wide variety of types of foods for guests of all types! Along with new chefs, in a new kitchen, a new dining room is being constructed as we speak! I certainly look forward to seeing its completion in the coming weeks as we make preparations for Kulturnatta and I hope you do as well!

    The Cubeo Herald recently published an article about an alleged traffic collision on the Lane 30 exit to the Sapphire Commerce Center. After speaking with several sources and viewing surveillance of the area, I can confirm that this incident is nothing more than a lie and a conspiracy designed to strike fear into the hearts of our citizens. Prismatic Media News and The People’s Media at large would like to reassure Capital City citizens that there is nothing to worry about, and that no such incident has actually occurred. Remember, a happy Imperial is a productive Imperial!

    The Isroubus district has begun their new “Park Polish Project”, a project consisting of cleaning up and beautifying the district’s parks! With new foliage and decor, it’s sure to catch one’s eye! We spoke with a few citizens and they expressed great interest in the new water features being installed. This is an exciting week for Isroubus, make sure you take time to visit!

    The “Undercity Utopia'' project continues as money pours in to fund better living for those residing in the Draron Qebridge undercity. Once the pathways were complete, next steps were to improve the potable water situation that has seemingly plagued residents for years. With new sources of clean and fresh water, and new flow pipes being installed. Residents here can finally enjoy actual water instead of whatever was being passed off as water before!

    Emerald Observatory continues their long maintenance and refurbishment project as new investment funds arrive. Many of the remaining supporting instruments that the observatory staff utilize alongside the gigantic telescope are scheduled to be updated or replaced based on their current warranty timeline. This is exciting news as they are in the process of planning a continued expedition!

    Did you know The People’s Media primary concourse has a secret Lily Latte Lounge? If you didn’t, now you do! Will you ever see it? Absolutely not! Not unless you apply for an internship! Internship applications are being made available around Capital City as students end their studies for an interim break. Funds are being allocated for a big swing marketing campaign to drum up some activity and let me tell you, I’m excited to see the results! Stop by the TPM front lawn for this week’s career fair for more details!

    Stay tuned for more here at Prismatic Media News!