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    This week’s spotlight shines on Cygnian Dream Entertainments, “Where the party never ends…”

    The People Mover project continues with new investment funds into the Ogiukurg Mall! Details on what is currently being worked on are kept tightly under wraps, but we eagerly await the small transit system’s completion! In other Ogiukurg Mall news, one of the outdoor sections was demolished in favor of new and fresh green space for patrons to relax in while they shop! One citizen however complained of the noise interrupting their hair product style testing and browsing. The mall’s administration sends their apologies in the form of a food voucher good for two Kumo Burgers. What a treat!

    The Cront district welcomes all Capital City citizens to join in the unveiling of a new addition to the Cront Ferry System! Funded by the Cront Yacht Club and a recent investment, new ships are being added to the ferry system that spans the district’s border of the river. These new ships will be equipped with many amenities for patrons to enjoy as well as cabins for rest as these new ships will also have destinations outside of Capital City! We look forward to these new additions!

    An incident at Ciphoit Medical has been the talk of the town as a rogue citizen escaped medical treatment and caused the deaths of several employees as well as destruction of property. This is a tragedy in and of itself, we reached out to staff for comment but they have declined for the time being as they mourn the loss of those working there. We hope and pray that something like this never happens again.

    In response to the incident at Ciphoit Medical, the Lord Warden himself is overseeing the improvements of the hospital’s security. It’s reported that the security staff will be tripled as well as the addition of entry checkpoints and restricted access to the wards. Officers will be equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry to deal with threats and a new code system is being established to determine the threat levels. This is all part of an extensive restructuring of the district’s security as well.

    District officials of Zreaglares have announced the beginnings of their “Park Beautification” project, one that will involve the improvement of open-air green spaces as well as the parks that grace the district. The plans will reportedly involve newly planted trees, new and updated water features, activity centers, and a slough of other improvements. This is something residents and patrons to the district have been calling on for some time. I personally look forward to this as well, because who doesn’t love a quiet and peaceful park?!

    Jukhand has received yet another investment boost, and it’s reported that the money will be allocated to the improvement of the district’s park pathways. Patrons have been complaining over the past couple of weeks about the state of the paths, some being in a state of disrepair or decay, and have called upon city officials to do something about it. Well it’s finally happening! A list of pathways will be completely re-paved with fresh new materials that are environmentally friendly, and ergonomically friendly! So we hope that your next visit to one of the many parks of Jukhand is a pleasant one!

    This just in! A bathroom conundrum at the Hope Newell Bazaar? We’ve received reports that the bathrooms of this fine establishment have all flooded! If you aren’t familiar with this lovely shopping center, it’s located in the Eqimore district. We’ve seen social media posts flooding with videos and pictures of this toilet catastrophe. It’s not a pretty sight, and we do hope that the Custodial Society can handle the clean-up.

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